The Brooks Sisters

The Brooks Sisters


From performing Frère Jaques, folk festivals with their family to intelligent originals, The Brooks Sisters have developped some serious stage presence. In their unique blend of folk-pop, the girls display some tight vocals and guitarist Caroline shows that girls CAN play guitar.


Born and raised in Whitby, Ontario, Caroline and Katherine of The Brooks Sisters have been steeped in a musical environment for all of their lives. Falling asleep beside drum kits and being loaded into a gear-laden 1987 Toyota Tercel have been a natural part of the girls’ upbringing. Caro and Kat started off as backup singers for their family band Brookfield, travelling around to local folk festivals and clubs with their parents. But alas! The two were soon antsy to follow their own musical meanderings and in summer of 2000 the girls formed a group named Eastbourne. The group performed at a series of small venues in Durham Region and in November 2000, played the renowned Greenbank Folk Society.

There were then a few years lost to open stages and studies and writer’s block and…

In fall 2002, the girls realized they were being lazy and pulled up their socks for a performance at B-Sides in Toronto. Settling on the very original name “The Brooks Sisters”, Caroline and Katherine (now 24 and 22 years old respectively) decided to get their shit together and have since been performing at venues such as Hugh’s Room, Free Times, Whitby Arts Inc., the University of Toronto, Holy Joe’s, Cameron House etc... With influences of the likes of Coldplay, Bruce Cockburn, Sarah McLaughlin, Nick Drake, John Mayer and The Beatles (c’mon! How can you not be influenced by the fab four?) The Brooks Sisters create an interesting blend of folk/pop. Their clear, soaring voices and tight, clean harmonies captivate a sound that only sisters can create. Caroline’s songwriting is at times “intricate…fresh and original” and her frequent use of open-tunings is harmonious with the simple lyricism of The Brooks Sisters’ tunes.

The girls are constantly shifting their lives between Whitby and Toronto, and have since returned from Europe where they toured several countries promoting their new album “The Carport Sessions”. Reaching such places like the UK, Germany, and Holland, and having an overwhelming response, the girls have now begun promoting their album in Canada.


The Brooks Sisters - The Carport Sessions

** Release Date April 2005 **

Set List

Anywhere from a 30 minute Set to 2 sets of 45 minutes. Some of our original songs are listed below:

We Both Know Why
Eulalia's Song
Here I Am
Square One
Course of Change
My King

Covers (during longer sets) from the following:

Mary, Sarah McLaughlin
Courage, The Tragically Hip
Dear Chicago, Ryan Adams
I Must Go, Fredrick Brooks