The Bros. Marler

The Bros. Marler


The Bros. Marler's musical style is a homogeneous mix of the solo troubadour sounds of BOB Dylan,Danjo Rheinhart and Neil Young. This with intricately woven harmonies, but it is always deeply rooted with folk, outlaw country, blues heritage.


The Bros. Marler, are comprised of sibling songwriters and musicians Daniel and Drew Marler. These twin brothers grew up listening and playing music in an enthusiastically musical family, with their mother a pianist and father a writer and professional storyteller. They cut their teeth on college radio(WEGL/Auburn, AL) and played their first show at a honky-tonk truck stop in the dirty south, bible belt-buckle, of Opelika, AL at age 15; sneaking in and out through the back doors, and sticking to the shadows when the local authorities made their presence known. “The Bros. Marler’s musical style is a homogeneous mixture of the solo troubadour styles of Bob Dylan, and Neil Young, the power of Nirvana and Janes Addiction, the soul of Al Green and Marvin Gaye, the improvising of jazz and jam, psychedelic experimentation, and intricately woven harmonies, but it is always deeply rooted in folk, blues and country roots heritage.” ( Washington, Ga. newspaper )

The Bros., perform primarily as a duo (tag-teaming on guitars, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, bass, and vocals), yet, they also have been enjoying the large, diverse pool of musicians that Athens, GA has to offer; adding from time to time another guitarist, violin, upright bass, or even morphing into an entire rock n’ roll style ensemble (drums, bass, guitar, and alternate organ or violin). Instrumentation mainly depends upon travel distance, and whether or not the musicians can be properly compensated for their help.

The Bros. Marler released their debut ,“ Songs For Pluto”, in summer of 2007, and since then have been widening their audience by way of touring, radio promotion (college, internet radio, and AAA), and publicity. Their debut has been listed on independent radio play charts in the Southeast as well as the U.K., France, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Spain, and Italy; and, is part of several compilation CD’s that have been submitted to radio stations throughout North America and Europe. “Songs For Pluto”, explores the depth of the Bros. Marlers’ songwriting, featuring a multitude of styles and harmonies blended with a roots heritage that is made its own. The CD, “ fringes on alt-country and Americana , but with more quirk than either. The Bros. have their own style.”, which “succeeds quietly, with understatement, and subtlety.”(Flagpole Mag) “Songs For Pluto”, “ displays poise and impressive versatility, sharing time on lead and rhythm guitar, stripped-down drums, piano, harmonica and bass…this approach combined with the boy’s soul inspired, almost Dylanesque, double vocal stylings create an entertaining album rich in character and style.” (Performer Mag) “ The Bros. Marler has knocked the dust off of sounds old and new, just as Songs for Pluto will surely knock more dust off of your stereo.”(Hittin the Note Mag). Regarding their live show, “They could be mistaken for a blues band or a classic rock band or an alternative rock band or a folk band, but really the brothers can play anything well… They put on a great show that I would recommend to anyone.” ( Corner News) Riding the momentum, they booked a month-long tour through Florida in June 2008, further vindicating their ability to exhibit self management skills while remaining a vital creative force. Presently, the Bros.Marler are wrapping up a locally recorded EP (Japanski Studios) and booking heavily in the SouthEast, while securing digital distribution and other opportunities afforded to today’s independent musicians. 706-527-4954 or 706-527-4955/ Daniel or Drew


A Devil's Summer

Written By: Daniel Marler

I've been away so long I just can't remember.(Feeling like a Devil's Summer)
I need some rock and roll.
Feeling like a prophet in a mountain dream.
Praying like an angel in a hole.
Its get'n hard to tell who is a friend or foe.
Cause everyone you meets' got soul.
Sweat'n like a junky on the way back home.
Feeling that country soul.
No one can save me now, cause there's too much fun to be had.
I'm looking for a driver with a get away plan.
Tired of work'n for the man.
I've got to get away from this grinding wheel.
I'm gonna be a full-time dreamer.
No one can save me now, cause there's too much fun to be had.
I know I'm gonna die in the winter time.
I know to taste the grapes before you cut the vine. I know I shouldn't dance on the razorblade. My comedy,His Stage.
Walk through the doorway, how did I get here?
The answer is on the window seal.
I've got to make it happen before I die.
I'm gonna just say I tried.
I'll make a lot of music before I go.
I'm gonna make a lot of Love.
No one can save me now, cause there is too much fun to be had.

Little Aries Girls

Written By: Daniel Marler

Running backwards trying to get to myself, pausing the dream so I'd remember.
That night at the beach when we got drunk as hell and then made a fire to waste the time.
We teased our eyes, we both knew there was something to be worried about.
Run in circles trying to stay straight ahead.
Thinking of June in mid-December, that night at the bar when we were breaking hearts. Those good ole boys were buying the shots.
We schemed all night when you sneeking the drink from the other guys.
Little aries girls are clueless from what they're fiending on.
Mental masturbation is playing on me, its better not to get involved.
Indiscression on me just to prologue the past.
Where is the audience when the culprit is laughing?
The chapter unfolds for another dance out of my head and into the past.
It's just a rhyme, a picture of me from the river of the morning light.
Little aries are clueless from they're fiending on.
Mental masturbation is playing on me.
It's better not to get involved.

Doctors orders

Written By: Drew marler

the world moves in waves. creatures are crawling at a slow pace today. new lifeforms crawling out of the storm looking for a place to play. dim the light and watch it all come alive. it's the strangest world i know. doctors breath prescriptions, gazing with sterile eyes. how do you feel? with your hand on the pill and another one on the door. everything gets a little weird but i can't remember how it felt before. was i insane was i in pain before i became stuck between the door. smiling good to see you, hope your doing well take this can you feel it working? should we try a little something else. if you need a pick me up or something to bring you down, come see the doctor and make the colors swirl, the room starts spinning all around, theres meaning in the sound. follow time to the golden chord. through portals on the floor, in the content of our mind to find what its all for. // theres static in knowing, a new perception is being unfolded. nothing remains as we thought it was before. its your alice and wonderland antics. if surreal gets you frantic, don't be afraid, you can take what the doctor orders.


Songs For Pluto

Set List

We try to cover all of the songs from our CD, as well as unrecorded material(in process). Typically we like to play for about two hours, so we have been known to pepper our sets with a few covers by any of the mentioned artists. The idea is to mix the familiar with the strange when dealing with fresh new ears. If the laws of the town permit then we will play all night long.

The Bros. Marler Song List
Allman Bros. Led Zepplin Willie Nelson
Whipping Post Whole Lotta Love On the road again
Blue Skies Hey Hey Blue eyes cryin in the rain
Midnight Rider Ramble on Georgia on my mind
Sweet Millisa Dyer Maker Poncho and Lefty
South Bound Gallows Pole Whisky River