The Brothels

The Brothels


Described as "hobo-junk-rock", the Brothels are an intricately intertwined, bluegrass inspired, punk rock mingled, rock n roll express train.


The Brothels create music that centered around one common root- the love of creating original music. The six piece "Hobo-Junk-Rock" band keeps things interesting by including up to 13 instruments a night, The Bakers Dozen. The Brothels are an intricately intertwined, bluegrass inspired, punk rock mingled, rock n roll express train. You'll always know its a high energy Brothels show. The band made themselves at home in the Wilmington NC music scene during 2007, playing a total of 35 shows. Some of the highlights of the first year include opening for Otiel and the Peacemakers (third show), Larry Keel and Natural Bridge, Acoustic Syndicate, and Paleface. The Brothels will be migrating to Asheville, NC this summer to breathe that crisp mountain air.


Colorado Plateau

Written By: The Brothels

Stain glassed sky,
sunlight cascading through the clouds
Monsoon winds descend across the Colorado Plateau
my hands clenched
i was on the other side of the fence
i was looking in
your fiddle welcomed me in
a stranger to your songs
hear that slow train coming
hear that lonesome engine whistle roar

Ascension, flush movements like jazz
retrace the horizon amongst infinite stars
a masterpiece defined
i was drawn into your designs
i was looking in
i was captured
i was lost
a transient in my thoughts
hear that slow train coming
hear that lonesome engine whistle roar..

The Death of Rosalee

Written By: The Brothels

im a walking dead man in this sweltering summer heat,
fading into gray with the engines of the street.
Needles in my arm, im trying to slip away
was i the last one to love rosalee that day?

And when im found guilty i'll surely pay
but i swear it wasn't me that cut her down that day
i'm not saying it wasn't coming her way
such a hard price to pay

Alibis they don't mean shit
when you've killed before
but i've only killed to even up the score
i'm a sleeping lion so don't you startle me
i'm here to avenge the death of Rosalee

i'm lost and lonely
yes, i'm a broken man
but i swear to god
i'm gonna make my stand
rosalee, i love you despite your other men
when you died i could never love again

The Sweetness

Written By: The Brothels

if you got the Sweetness in your heart
you'll see beauty through your eyes
just go ahead and open it up and soon
you'll realize
that you had it all along and now your gonna share it too
So once you got the feeling my friend
this is what you gotta do

Just step outside
and let your light shine through
think of all the beautiful places we've traveled to
this endless Earth this joyful life
we walked down many roads
without a dollar or dime
we sang many tunes

The Sadness always seems to come in the winter time
when all the days seem the same
i decide to hide
then i hear the new songbirds
and i welcome the morning sounds
cause i know when springtime comes
i'm gonna come around

Ne Ner Na

Written By: The Brothels

Can you spare a quarter my friend?
i'll never ask of you again
gotta get a cup of that Grizzly Milk
gotta get a shot of that hot hot hell

It can get real cold underneath them stars
gotta sing me a song just to keep warm
cozy up with this bottle of mine
the worlds so fine through the eyes of this here wine

So can you wake me up before the policeman come
rile me up trying to stop my fun
little man with a big big gun
trying to stop all my fun

when i young pops always harping on me
if you wanna get the honey you gotta be a working bee
might of worked for him but not for me
if i wanna get that honey ill just work that queen

material worth don't determine wealth
as long as i take care of myself first
i smiled through the best and laughed through the worst
don't look now i just stole your purse

this is just a hobo's lament
all the true hearts must of gone and left
maybe they found someone to impress
maybe they decided to pay rent
maybe they're spy for the government?


Hotel No-tell(2007)
Its a bird game...(2008)

Bootleg Magazine's Helping Hands Charity Compilation(2007)

Set List

Our typical set list consists of these songs:
The Death of Rosalee- Punk
Who didn't Kill Piranha Pete?- Folk Rock story song
Roll Roll Roll- Bluegrass
Chicken Foot Stomp- Bluegrass Instrumental
Good Times- Bluegrass
Grass Hoppin'- Rock
Keep it Simple- Bluegrass
Colorado Plateau- Bluegrass
The Sweetness- Rock
The Sordid Tale of Capt Bill Nelson- Punk Sea Shanty
Take one Please i dare you- Hard Rock Instrumental
Be at Peace- Reggae
Ne Ner Na- Story song
BorderLine- Punk
Whirley Bird- Story song Rock/Reggae
Night is Over- Rock
Traveling Crow- folk story song
Mtn Home- Bluegrass
We play two sets. Each for an hour and half
We play one cover, "Keep it Simple" by the Hackensaw Boys