Cubist pop ranging from a moodier XTC, a baroque Swans, and a Sea and Cake at the Burnside Skatepark


thebrotheregg has been around since probably 1993. Existing in Chicago, IL, Olympia, WA, and finally Portland. Over the years, we have been very inspired by the sounds coming from Drag City, K records, Elephant 6, and more recently, Fat Cat. As a result, the band has embraced a mid-fi psychedelic autism that has often wandered away from the straight forward and then found it's way back again. Right now we're exploring a heavier skate rock sound but it remains thoughtful with engaging lyrics and big harmonies.


"1993" CD
"Snowflake and Fingerprint Machine" CD
"Aortica Mor" CD
Various Complications, and tribute albums from labels like Hush, Magic Marker, Resistor, Ptolemaic Terescope.

Set List

We usually play no more than 45 minutes but can typically fill up an hour or even more! We have a new guitarist whom we are breaking in so we have to keep working to get it to 2 hours. We have many originals like "Dancing Satan" "Simpleton" (on our website), "Simple Love", "Futuristic". We do some covers for fun, "Holland, 1945" by Neutral Milk Hotel, "New Amsterdam" by Elvis Costello, and some old Floyd things. We did a whole set of Galaxie 500 songs once.