The Brothers Bogaardt
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The Brothers Bogaardt

Penticton, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE

Penticton, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Shirlee Gordon reviews Bros. Bogaardt Film Award"

(Excerpts) "The Calgary film "Alberta on the Northside", commissioned by the Gov't of Alberta for world wide distribution and created by Canawest-Master Films Ltd., won the Chairman's Special Gold Camera Award at the U.S. Industrial Film Festival in Chicago. Competition: 600 films submitted from more than 15 countries."
..."The original music by the Bogaardt brothers was one of the major contributing factors in the judges' decision in presenting the award to our film" (C.N. Ross-Executive Producer-Alberta Gov't) - The Albertan, Calgary, Alberta

"Klondike Days letter"

(Excerpts-R.M. Chapman, General Manager) "I want to express on behalf of our Association and the citizens of Edmonton, our sincere thanks to you and your brothers for your groups participation in our 'Petticoat Pass' downtown mall throughout the full period of Klondike Days last month.
..."Although a letter of appreciation isn't customary in the case of musicians hired during Klondike days, I feel that your group did such an outstanding job that it is certainly warranted"...."in these days of commonplace 'musical gap' between the generations, it was great to see the Brothers Bogaardt entertain an audience ranging in age from the very young to the pensioners" - Edmonton Klondike Days Association

"Canawest-Master Films letter"

(Excerpt) "I consider the Bogaardt Brothers to be the most exciting group performing in Canada today. Their potential should be limitless since they have the unique ability of being able to communicate with audiences of all ages"....We have used them for background music in one film, and we are presently working with them on a major production where they will appear visually as well. It is difficult to describe the Brothers Bogaardt in writing and difficult even by recording alone. To appreciate their performance you must see and hear them. I suggest you will find it a memorable experience. (W.D. Marsden-Vice-President - Canawest-Master Films Ltd) - W.D. Marsden - Vice President

"Great Canadian Oil Sands Newsletter"

(Quotes from Kenneth Heddon, President GCOS,Published by Len J Bland-Public Relations GCOS)
"In the words of our President, Kenneth F. Heddon - 'This is the finest group of musicians ever to entertain here'... 'their obvious enjoyment while performing, their professional stage presence and their fine performance, does them credit". (Great Canadian Oil Sands Christmas Party). - Great Canadian Oil Sands

"Jubenvill & Embra Films Ltd., Letter"

(Excerpt from Ken Jubenvill) '"The "creative process" as it is so often referred, is the process of finding the right talent and then putting the product of that talent together. The talent we found for "Alberta on the Northside" certainly measured up to our hightest expectation, particularly for the music track written, arranged and performed by you and your brothers."...."The pleasure of working with you, meeting your family and friends was an unusually warm experience for me and I hope we have the opportunity to do it again soon. The experience of your fellowship and the creation of something, hopefully meaningful, together, will be in itself appreciation enough".
(Ken Jubenvill, President, Jubenvill & Embra Films Ltd.) - Ken Jubenvill, President

"Music that heals"

(Excerpt of an article, Aug. 13/2005 by Alex Browne)...."When the Brothers Bogaardt play Indonesian and pop songs to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Japanese War in Indonesia Aug. 15th, it will be like the end of a long journey. The two eldest, Bill and Ben, and their mother Louisa, are survivors of the infamous Tjideng and Tjimahie concentration camps on the island of Java during the second World War...." There are a number of ways similar things happened to Japanese people who were interned in Canada; but there was not malnutrition, people were not starved or beaten-the difference in the way people were treated is like night and day"..."although Wil(their father) died in 1966, Ben & Bill and their brothers Rick and Archie (born after the war) share a bond of music with their father, who was a keen violinist as well as an electrical engineer before the war"...." The brothers formed their own band based on strong vocal harmonies as well as guitars, bass and drums. Now based in Penticton, they have a lengthy resume of touring Canada, the U.S. and Europe". (Alex Browne, Peace Arch News - Aug. 13th,2005) - The Peace Arch News - Alex Browne


(Excerpt)"For Dutch citizens swept into captivity when the Japanese occupied Indonesia, the memories of years of hunger, disease and brutality don't fade"...When Bill Bogaardt reflects on his childhood, the strongest memory he has is being fed a small daily tin of blue starch, the kind used to press shirt collars. He called it "blue glue" and cringed at the sight of it"....Bill's brother Ben was two years old when he entered the first camp. One of his first memories is of witnessing a man's murder by the Japanese". ( See the full article in the Vancouver Sun, dated Aug. 16th/05) - The Vancouver Sun by: Doris Sun - August 16th,2005


A Current CD of the Brothers Bogaardt's first album, was released in Feb/05, and features the following original songs:
Soulmate (3:03) up-tempo
One Word, One Song (4:16) Med tempo, catchy
The Essence of You-(3:53) Lovesong-Med slow
Second Chance (3:36) Tearjerker - Med fast
Is it Right? (4:08) Catchy,Soulful-Lovesong-Med
Just A Day without you (2:52) reminiscing love-Slow
What if (4:43) Asking Forgiveness- Med slow
Forever Baby Blues (3:12) First moment of love Med
It's Nine Eleven (3:05) Tragedy of 9/11 -Med
It's Over (2:24) Hard drivin Trucker's song- Fast



The Brothers Bogaardt's story, is a story of survival. Ben & Bill survived the Japanese concentration camps during the Japanese occupation on the Island of Java, Indonesia. While many thousands of children died around them, they survived, although barely. Eventhough the musical creations came much later, the family bond has always influenced their abilities to stick together through thick and thin.

Their music reaches deep from within, and reflects current happenings, from love stories, personal tragedies to up-beat, "let's-get-it-on" music that will keep your toes tappin'. Early influences are from island songs, original folk music to pop/rock songs.

Artists and groups which influenced them are the Beatles, BeeGees, the Eagles, Neil Diamond, Roy Orbison, Dooby Bros., Huey Lewis, Harry Belafonte, Platters, Frank Sinatra, Jim Reeves and the list goes on and on.

Their musical paths have crossed with such legends as Louis Armstrong, Gordon Lightfoot, Will Millar and the Irish Rovers, Jeff Beck, Marty Robbins, Bobby Curtola and Ian & Sylvia Tyson.

"Influences from other Artists give you the motivation to create from within, but eventhough we've acknowledged influences from other artists, we've always created our own unique style of music. Now with the Digital Revolution, a singer/songwriter can truly take charge creatively, and independently, and add a further dimension as an arranger to your own material and shape an original song to your own vision, which is what each brother has contributed to the original songs in this album".

The Brothers Bogaardt have travelled extensively across Canada, the U.S. and Europe, and have performed in numerous venues, nightclubs, concerts, National TV Shows(CBC-TV) and radio shows, and their performances have always received excellent responses everywhere, from club owners, producers, and from their fans.

Part of their accreditations include an achievement for their original songs for the Canadian Documentary, 'Alberta, on the Northside", which they recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. This Documentary, competing against 600 entries from around the world, won the Gold Camera Award in Chicago, Illinois. "Their music attributed to the success of the movie", stated one of the Producers.
Their most recent performance, on Aug. 15th,2005, at the invitation of the "Aug. 15 - 1945 Foundation", commemorated the 60th anniversary by the survivors, who were Prisoners of War (POW's) during the Japanese occupation of Indonesia. The commemoration celebrated the end of the Japanese War and was held in White Rock, B.C. The Brothers Bogaardt's performance drew a standing ovation.

With the release of their first CD, under their own creative control, the Brothers Bogaardt, will seek to release this album across Canada, the U.S. and Europe. They will only perform for meaningful events or concerts.

They are now back in the studio to write and produce more original music.