The Brothers Forbes

The Brothers Forbes


The Brothers Forbes is a duo of singer/songwriter Darren Forbes on vocal and guitar with Todd Forbes on Bass. The acoustic music highlights the mood of the lyric. Darren's voice is resonant and comforting.


Music has been a major part of Darren Forbes' life from the time he could open up his mouth and sing. The instrument playing came later followed by the song writing. Darren's music is a simple mix of Celtic Folk, Modern Folk, and Folk Blues sounds. His sound and vocal style are his own but not without the influence of many great musicians along the way both famous and undiscovered.

Darren's songs come from the heart and always express an aspect of personal or shared truth. The lyrics are the soul of the music. The melody simply sets the mood for the words. Darren makes music as a creative journey he can share with others. It is not for fame, respect, or popularity.

Darren and his brother, Todd have been playing music since their youth. Two brother, two best friends, a guitar player and a bass player. A simple acoustic arrangement to express a love for music. The Brothers Forbes.