The Brothers Landau

The Brothers Landau


The Brothers Landau is a folk/pop/bossa nova cello guitar duo that keeps listeners interested and inspired. Music that you can enjoy AND bring home to momma!


The Brothers Landau is a Los Angeles based cello-guitar duo that began very simply in 2006 as a musical project of classically trained brothers Daniel and David Landau for a family friend’s Labor Day party. Inspired by the success of the evening, the brothers together with instruments firm embarked on a songwriting odyssey that four years later leads to the release of their first EP, “Parallax,” in mid-2010, with a second album in the works.

“Parallax,” which was recorded at Beer City Studios in Van Nuys between 2008 and 2010, features twelve tracks that capture the Brothers’ signature style. Immediately accessible to everyone without being condescending to the discerning listener, the Brothers consistently utilize dynamics, counterpoint, and catchy melodies to entertain, enthuse, and infuse audiences with an optimistic and soothingly familiar energy, much like being with good friends after a lousy week. David’s cello relates sounds from deep within, ranging from strong and soulful to sweetly melancholic, while Daniel’s guitar provides rhythmic progressions and chords alternately complementary and conflicting, all as the Brothers’ voices bring everything into one unique sonic experience.

Over the time leading up to the album, David and Daniel have refined their sound playing in venues all over the West Coast. The Brothers have completed two tours up the coast, establishing audiences in San Francisco, Sacramento, and Seattle. When not touring the lands of the west the Brothers keep a fairly regular performance schedule, taking their music to the many areas of Greater Los Angeles.

The Brothers Landau have their record release on July 2, 2010 at the Unknown Theatre where they will be performing selections from the album, as well as some surprises. The EP is available through The Brothers Landau website at and iTunes.


Parallax - Debut Album

EP - The Brothers Landau

As heard on UCLA, USC and German radio.

Set List

Sets last anywhere from 30-120 minutes depending on the venue and audience.

Original songs (ever-expanding) typically include:

The Price
Get off that horse
Penny Parade
What does it take
Safety First
Watch what you say
Good Things
All we know
Start Dancing
Charlie Grown Up
I Can't Recall
...and many more.

The Brothers Landau play mostly original music but also perform covers of great songs from the likes of The Beatles to Gnarls Barkley to the very unexpected.

Crowd Pleasing Favorites include:

Crazy - Gnarls Barkley
This Is How We Do It - Montel Jordan
The Sign - Ace of Bass
Between the Bars - Elliot Smith
Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles
Homesick - Kings of Convenience
Misread - Kings of Convenience
Toxic - Brittney Spears
Sunday Morning - No Doubt
Paranoid Android - Radiohead
No Diggity - Blackstreet
Deep Blue Sea - Grizzly Bear
Vision One - Royksopp
Holiday and Seasonal Favorites