The Brothers Lekas

The Brothers Lekas


Percise musicianship, chemistry like brothers, orignals you swore were covers.


The Brothers Lekas have been living music together since a young age. Growing up with a passion for performing live music the brothers have taken on their duo project with full force. With a debut CD released for the summer the brothers are poised to influence many folk acoustic fans with their new sound. The sound is unique in instrumentation drawing sounds from many genre's (folk/bluegrass/americana/rock/blues). The melodies are driven from the skillful playing of Mark Lekas with both brothers contributing distinctive vocals that draw many listeners.

Just this year (2007) the Brothers Lekas has opened for Jake Shimabakuro and the legendary Radiators.


Walking in Circles

Written By: Erik Lekas

I heard the phone ring
When I woke up that Sunday
And you woke up
Opened your hand

I give you one thing
To help you write your story
So you take this
And let me be your man

Don't go let me walk in circles
That's all I ask do you understand?
I've made up my mind to be so
Dam care free
And walking circles is just a thing of the past

I got the sunlight
To take my mind off heartache
Drinking Whiskey made me think
About you

Squatters rights
This ole' ridge is my stake
Reminiscing of making
Love in the dew


How I told you
That our eyes have met once before
In a lifetime I can't speak
It's in my dream

And that's the last time
I let you out that front door
Cause you ain't running out
Without me!


Written By: Erik Lekas

All aboard she said
On the train of promise
We'll get our kicks along the way

Gonna take the high road
Until we're polished
At nights we'll live up on the stage


Don't ask for forgiveness
For something you ain't done
Baby don't ask no questions
When I say it's time to run, it's time to run

I get this feeling
And I can not stop it
My head feels heavy and I get faint

Was it that last dance
That you had to top it
And put my heartstrings on the plate


You are my guiding light
If I tell you or keep it inside
And I never doubted our mistakes

Gonna tell you I had a good time
When we wake up in the pouring rain
Cause I got one thing left to say



Written By: Erik Lekas

It's been weeks and not days
Since I kn


The Brothers Lekas, "It ain't Free" 2006 LP
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Set List

50 Originals 100 Covers 10 Traditional
Set is always changing between the mix of these songs, occasionally some improv.