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I'm Alive (Feels So Good)-Cetecean Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Take a trip and experience the colourful, schizophonic and funkafied world of The Brothers Said.
Could this be what you’ve craved? The answer to why you’re hEAR is clear, pristine as the fluid above your pores, which aches to be released and freed from what brought you hEAR…
The Brothers Said are more than just a production team, more than just songwriters, more than just another act, they are above all a creative nucleus forming what is to be the next musical revolution.
Their new album is a cocktail of musical influences and energies, the song essentially have a Pop/R&B structure with contrasting backing tracks that travel through electronica, funk, dance beats and rock guitars.
“We want to bring all the elements of music into play we such a palette for many different genres and styles that it would be an unjust to try and conform to one thing. The world is changing and people are coming together from all walks and I would like to think that our music will have something in there for everyone”.
Determined to put a dent in the music industry, Edward and Charlie Said have created a sound and style that captivates. They have taken their music into the most decadent and hedonistic clubs in Sydney, London and New York. The Brothers Said flaunt a passionate and energetic spirit that people are drawn to. They’ve earned fans worldwide with their inventive approach to music as a whole, inspiring people with a positive spirit and funkafied vibe. On The Brothers Said’s upcoming album, that spirit seems to course through their philosophy more than ever.
“Our music is generally feel good and up tempo. The dance element is always present when it comes to the vocals and we like to approach them with a lot more edge as if we were doing a rock record. I think Charlie always had a fixation with being in a rock band”
The Brothers Said have a strong belief that energy has soul. They prove that through their music, because it gets under your skin, it filters into every nerve ending and it provokes, but more so it gets you on your feet. The energy in this upcoming album has serious soul!
“We follow our spirit, our instinct, our internal compass; our gut feeling! That’s how we create our music”
Throughout the years the journey for The Brothers Said has always been about learning and pushing the creative envelope whilst still being very much independent in Australia. In the early stages while trying to be signed as an act, they realised that they didn’t quite have the building blocks that would sustain them in the unpredictable and fragile Australian music industry. After several record deal opportunities, The Brothers Said decided that they were not ready for a record deal as it was not only going to compromise their growth as artists but also their sustainability for the ever changing pop culture.
“We understood the challenges of being an artist, but we were far more equipped to produce and write for other artists at the time and production came with such ease and we wanted to explore so many different genres and we wanted to work, learn and grow with other talented musicians. We needed to discover our full potential and affirm that we had a grip on all the facets involved in the creative process.”
Edward and Charlie started recording, producing and writing with like-minded musicians, who carried the same philosophy about making music.
“Music should bring people together, music is there to educate and heal the soul. Music is a powerful voice that can change a spiritually starved world. We want our music to have positive input into peoples attitude and perception towards one another and at the same time, for it to be funky and danceable – almost escapist.”
Discovering the notorious sound of rock and funk at the mere age of eight, Edward was determined to create a sound of his own. Teaching himself to play guitar and attentively listening to the likes of Prince, George Michael, Massive Attack and U2. Edward was well underway on his incredible musical passage. His commitment and strength of mind made evident when after graduating from university and working for a large corporate firm, Edward packed his bags, turned his back on security and set for a creative and artistic existence.
Charlie already had dreams of being a soul singer – he had the afro and a strong vocal ability. A born entertainer and being the youngest child, Charlie was always the centre of attention. He would spend countless hours listening and singing to Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye records and was heavily influenced by the R&B and soul music of such black music legends. Charlie decided that he wanted to be a part of where Edward was going, musically.
Together the fusion will make you understand there is no Ying without Yang and therefore The Brothers Said.
The Brothers Said have delivered symbolic and simple messages in a package that excites your ears – enjoy deep funk sound. Enjoy The Brothers S