The Browns

The Browns


It's truly a family affair when The Browns hit the stage with their high energy performance. The five- voice musical styling of The Browns exude excitement on stage and offer a life-changing experience to all who hear them.


The Browns have been touring across the United States since the group began its full-time ministry six years ago. The heralded group began on the local and state level and has expanded and grown into a national touring group.
For the second year in a row the Browns received the prestigious honor of a Horizon top-five group of the year nomination. The awards are given to the best up and coming groups. Michaela was also nominated in the top-five for Horizon Individual, an award honoring up and coming artists in the industry. Michaela said “This honor is very rewarding coming from the fans and knowing that we’ve touched their hearts or ministered to them in some way.”
The Browns have released seven recordings, including their newest single “River Of Love” The group has just returned from finalizing the music tracks for a new CD due for release the first of the year. They are produced by the award winning talent of Roger Talley at Crossroads and Summitt studios. Their booking is affiliated with Michael Davis of the Dominion Agency based out of Wade, N.C.
Even when they’re not on stage or on tour, the Browns manage to stay plenty busy on their farm property west of Le Mars, Iowa, which has served to become somewhat of haven for the family away from the road. “We have to work a lot, cleaning and washing our bus,” Adam said. “We enjoy life at home. There’s just something about being in the country. I’ve always enjoyed it.” Andrew, the self-proclaimed life of the party, said touring on the road can get a little crazy, but he’s been able to put things into perspective. “I’m thankful for what I’m doing,” he said. “I think it’s a special thing that we do.” To add to the family experience, Shelly’s husband Keith is the chief bus driver and sound technician. “It’s definitely something that would be hard to do if you weren’t called to it,” Shelly said. “Because we know we’re called, it’s been worth it all. God has opened the doors and there are adventures and blessings behind each one.”
From singing over 30 shows at the Americana Theatre in Branson, MO to being voted top 5 Horizon Group Of The Year this award winning family will inspire you with their close-knit family harmony. The Browns love what they do, love each other, and the audiences to whom they sing. And as long of the Lord continues to open doors of opportunity, the Browns are committed to follow his leading.


Livin, Askin, Walkin

Written By: Michaela Brown

Step by step, Day by day,
I'm learning how to walk this narrow way, but sometimes it's hard to make a new start when it seems like I'm always left with a broken heart, but I'll keep on trusting the had that leads to the understanding of things unseen

I livin by faith, resting in His arms, askin by Faith, to keep me safe from harm, I'm Walkin by faith down the road ahead, I'm tired but I'm not gonna give up yet, I'm livin and learnin, askin and yearnin, I'm walkin till I finish this race, I livin askin walkin by faith

Verse 2
Faith has been tested and it's true, It's built on the Rock to help me make it through, and I'm lovin the One who is leading me on to a place where faith will finally take me home, and if I start to doubt that He'll bring me out I'll remember He's already won

I’m livin (livin by faith)
I’m askin (askin by faith)
I’m walkin (walkin by faith)
I’m livin, asking walkin by faith


LP Albums:
Hope- January 2007
River Of Love- September 2005
Especially Special- September 2004
One Way- July 2003

Radio Singles:
River Of Love- October 2007
My Namew Is Already There- January 2007

Set List

Set List (about 1 hour)
Lovin This Livin
Ride That Glory Train
River of Love
Looking For A City
What Mercy Saw
I Stand Upon The Rock
Handful Of Weeds
In The Garden
Hosanna In The Highest
I'm Gonna Shout
When We See Christ