The Bryan Sorensen Band

The Bryan Sorensen Band


"Groove Power" and exceptional musicianship is what the Bryan Sorensen band, (a.k.a. BSB, The Funk Cowboy, Soul-Sun) is all about.

Expect to hear startling talk-box re-workings of Motown classics, Daft Punk songs, Euro DJ grooves and infectious original works seamlessly performed live...


The BSB is a tight, versatile team of exceptional musicians. Bryan Sorensen (L. Vocalist, band leader) is undoubtedly one of the most unique, charismatic entertainers in the music business today.

"Nobody rocks a talk-box like Bryan Sorensen." - Vince Sciara (keyboardist/producer/engineer)

Drawing from a lengthy background of experience in TV ("Sunset in Paradise" - a Bryan Sorensen original - is currently being used on The Discovery Channel) , corporate entertainment, club gigs and original work, Bryan’s raw talent, creativity and signature showmanship continue to mystify audiences everywhere.


The Bryan Sorensen Band - Lo Fi
Bombasity - gone for a while
Currently recording album (scheduled for Spring release)

Set List

The Bryan sorensen band usually performs three 45 minute to hour length sets of cover and original material in an evening. There is little or no dead space in between songs as the BSB transitions from song to song to keep the audience moving.