The Bryant Goodall Trio

The Bryant Goodall Trio


A swill of bourbon, blues, grunge and southern living, the Bryant Goodall Trio defines their music as "Acid Gospel". A power trio in the true sense, the BG3 aims to fill the room with sound, emotion and people. Drawing from politics and history, each original is powerful and well delivered.


Bryant Goodall is a Texas-based songwriter and guitar player who grew up in the heart of blues in Dallas, Texas. Drawing influence from the old blues greats like Robert Johnson and Freddie King, and rock greats Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page, Bryant Goodall melds his own blues style with that of 90's Hard Rock and Grunge, along with his Tom Waits-rasp-meets-gospel-singer vocal appeal, the power-pocket presence of Tommy Pyland on the Bass, and the versatile song-smithing of Blair Mitchell on the drums, to bring you BG3, the Bryant Goodall Trio.


Spill - EP (to be released 2013)