The B-Sharps

The B-Sharps


If Chuck Berry, ACDC, and Rancid fell into a tub of radioactice waste, The B-Sharps would be their five headed mutant offspring.


Formed in their early teen years by brothers Nick and Alex Allison, along with lifetime friends Timmy Oberley and Mitch Fraizer, The B-Sharps have consistently brought ground breaking, yet classic and raw rock and roll to the midwest since 2001. Whether playing at Piere's, "The Midwest's Largest Nightclub" and home to the "million dollar stage" or in punk rock basement shows their energy is highly infectious. Basing their sound off of childhood influences such as The Kinks, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, and The Sex Pistols, The B- Sharps play a sophisticated form of garage rock that remains gritty, honest, and charmingly catchy.


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Set List

The B-Sharps are prepared to play two 45 minute sets of mostly original music with the exception of a few tasteful covers.