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Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
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"Band Spotlight and Profile"

It would be a stretch to say that pop music saved William Glosup's life, but it certainly helped out.

'When I was around 15, I was like super into smoking weed, and not really into going to school, and I got busted by the cops,' says Glosup, now 18. 'And I was like, "Well, something has to be entertaining to me now." So I broke away from all that I had been consumed in and decided that what I really wanted was to make a pop record.'

What he eventually created was 2008's 'Super Psychedelic Sound Explosion,' a memorable album that put Glosup's band, the Bubbles, on the local music radar. Two years later, the Bubbles celebrate the release of their sophomore LP, 'Daydreaming in Technicolor' with a release party tonight at the Mohawk, and the band's sound — expansive and clever and striking — has grown every bit as much as Glosup has.

Even at that tender age of 15, Glosup was an old hand when it came to musicianship — his parents, both mathematicians, enrolled him in a Suzuki method violin program at the age of 2. By age 7, he'd picked up a guitar, and by the time he crossed into the double digits he was pounding the drums and picking at a bass guitar.

As he moved into high school, Glosup forged an abiding love for pop music, especially music with an edge.

'I just discovered music snobbery and kind of became addicted to that and how awesome being a music snob was,' Glosup says. '... I guess all the kids I went to high school with were just getting into Led Zeppelin and stuff and I was all, "I'm into Pavement and no one else is, and I'm just going to be a huge snob." '

'Super Psychedelic Sound Explosion,' recorded at Austin's SuperPop Records and released on the studio's own label (which also boasts Austin artists Leatherbag and the Archibalds, among others) consisted of 10 cuts of perfectly giddy, spiky pop that recalled the Apples in Stereo and the Flaming Lips at their catchy, eccentric best. A live band, featuring Glosup on guitar and vocals, formed and quickly disintegrated but later stabilized with the addition of fellow guitarist and vocalist Chris Balcom. The band was a finalist in the Austin City Limits Music Festival's battle of the bands in 2009.

And over the course of two years, Glosup brewed up 'Daydreaming in Technicolor,' again at SuperPop Records, playing every instrument and writing every song. 'Daydreaming' builds on the strengths of 'Super Psychedelic Sound Explosion' — the production cleaner, the hooks more memorable and the sound more mercurial. The record wanders from the hushed, lovely acoustic strummer 'I Belong to the Stars' to the electric lovelorn rock of 'It's You.' It dabbles in indie pop, garage rock and dreamy sonic experimentation.

'For the first time I really felt comfortable at that studio and really just wanted to play around and let the song go where it wanted to go. And I had a lot of opportunity to do that,' says Glosup. 'I was just working one-on-one with an engineer, and we had plenty of time to do it. So I think the songs are a lot more psychedelic because of that.'

And most importantly, the Bubbles remain ... well, bubbly, with a keen ear for optimistically minded songs. Don't let that closing track 'We're All Gonna Die' fool you.

'That song is just kind of a cynical, satirical play song,' Glosup says with a laugh. 'It's interesting to me when pop bands like Of Montreal take such a poppy kind of rhythm but then sing about death. I really like that juxtaposition. But for the most part I really like to write fairly uplifting songs. Everybody in the band has that as their intention.' - Austin 360/Austin-American Statesman

"CD Review of 'Super Psychedelic Sound Explosion'"

Everything about local psych-pop outfit The Bubbles is adorable. From the drawings that adorn their debut full-length Super Psychedelic Sound Explosion, to the delightful ditties it contains, from those bubble wands (or is it bubble blowers) they utilize at concerts, to their bubbly vivacious performances, The Bubbles epitomize unending joy through music. The sugary pop of “Like A Rocket” kicks off the record; the melodic hooks, the “la-la-la’s,” and the “doo-doo-doo-doo’s” grab you instantly as you realize this is going to be one of those albums that has your head bobbing in unison all the way through.

Stand-out track “We’re Still Young” is an optimistic anthem despite some inherent angst in the lyrics; while “Late Long Night” seems to be chugging along nice and gently before exploding at the end with sizzling six-strings. With hand claps, tambourines, and plentiful synth accompanying the tracks constantly, the outcome is pure pop paradise with appropriate garnishes of the afore-mentioned fuzzy guitars. “Let It Go” is an introspective tune that may come across as a bit downtrodden if not for the “ooh-la-la’s” and cheery whistling in the background and “Hold Your Tongue” is quite possibly inspired by one of the band’s influences, Of Montreal. The Bubbles slow things down a tad with “Lullabye” and “Don’t Hold Me Back” but both songs incorporate the fuzz factor expertly as well. All in all, Super Psychedelic Sound Explosion is exactly that, a heavenly blast from the skies of psychedelic pop.

- The Austinist

"CD Release/Band Feature"

Austin quartet The Bubbles makes power-pop that’s as frothy and effervescent as the band’s name suggests, but with a hint of dread running just below the surface. By the time the band’s new album, Daydreaming In Technicolor, winds down, that dark undercurrent is in full view, as the upbeat, romantic pleas of opening track “Never-ending Summer” fully give way to closer “We’re All Going To Die,” a feel-good catalog of all the things that will one day crumble to dust. In between, the band gets endless mileage out of chiming guitars, timeless melodies, and “ooh-ahh” vocals—which strike a decidedly ghostly, Spoon-like pose on standout track “One.” The band celebrates Daydreaming’s release here, joined by Oh No Oh My, whose second slab of 1960s sunshine and gallows humor is due any day now. New-wave nuclear unit The Baker Family opens. - The Onion, A.V. Club (Austin Onion)

"CD Review of 'Daydreaming in Technicolor'"

The second album from the Bubbles starts off a little deceptively. Sure, the album is undeniably effervescent from start to finish. But the sugary pop-rock album openers “Never-ending Summer” and “It’s You” give absolutely no indication of the experimental fun just a few tracks ahead.

Take “Intermission,” for example. The track veers wildly from the gushing, puppy-love melodies of the first four tracks and instead ruminates on a sly tenor sax line, tantalizingly patient buildups and a half-whispered melody that sounds like something from the Unicorns. And from the first second of the next track, “Something New,” it’s clear that the title isn’t lying — the song slowly sways through an effects-laden, psychedelic melody and dreamlike doo-wop instrumentation.

The fun juxtaposition continues, from the adventurous “I Belong to the Stars,” with its plunky guitar work and dizzying vocal filler, to the feel-good pop and bittersweet rollick of “Wasting My Time.” - Austin-American Statesman

"Texas Music Matters Feature of 'Daydreaming in Technicolor'"

Music does come in colors, and The Bubbles show an impressive and varied palette on their new release, Daydreaming In Technicolor. Uplifting and animated, the album is a collision of indie pop and psychedelia – the best of both worlds merging into one glimmering picture.

The Bubbles are having their CD release show tonight at the Mohawk, 912 Red River. The bill includes two other local bands I’m quite fond of, Oh No Oh My and The Baker Family.

Could this very well be another irresistible triple bill?? Certainly looks like it. Highly recommended. - KUT/Texas Music Matters

"Review of 'Daydreaming in Technicolor'"

Austin, TX band with a panache for lazy indie power pop that's smarter than it sounds at first listen. Starting with "Never-ending Summer" and the catchy follow up "It's You" the tunes recall the tradition of the Elephant Six neo-psychedelic pop bands. Lead by William Glosup (guitar/vocals) and bandmates Chris Balcom (guitar), Marc Hoegg (bass) and Casey Seymour (drums) they take us on a pretty amazing musical journey.

Musical influences include The Flaming Lips, Pavement and The Velvet Underground with a strong current of Beach Boys spirit all over the album. "One" boasts solid songwriting and composition that brings to mind Ray Davies jamming with Olivia Tremor Control. The minimalist "I Belong to the Stars" is a lo-fi treat with a simple acoustic rhythm and background vocal "bum-bum" harmonies that morph into a full blown spaced jam. "Rewind" boasts a echoing vocal and hook-filled guitar jangle with it's memories of summer nights. Compared to their previous albums (which are good too) you find a growing sophistication, similar to Ween's development from a quirky melodic duo to a quirky melodic duo with a cult following of millions. - Powerpopaholic

"Song of the Day Feature of "Never-Ending Summer""

Future Sounds has the good fortune of working with some amazing friends on a daily basis through the vast Rumble network, and we’re constantly tipped off on great acts, and today’s tidbit of sound comes from Austin blogger, COVERT CURIOSITY. The band are called THE BUBBLES, and they are a four-piece from Austin that put together perfect indie power pop rock. “Never-ending Summer” was an immediate pick (“if we see 5-0, we gotta run“, and it seems like the perfect song for TV show theme song. They have a Daytrotter session coming soon, as well as September shows in Austin at The Beauty Bar and 101X’s Homegrown Live. - Future Sounds

"'Daydreaming in Technicolor' Feature"

The Bubbles are an Austin quartet who just released their second album, Daydreaming in Technicolor. The band's debut put them on the local map, with positive reviews from the likes of Austin Sound and the Austinist, and a ‘Band to Watch’ recommendation from the Austin Chronicle. Word has it they will record a Daytrotter session soon.

The Bubbles specialize in lo-fi, sunshine pop filled with colorful arrangements and melodic hooks. They are something like a cuddly, power-pop version of The Flaming Lips, with a definite nod to the psych-pop sounds of the Elephant 6 collective. Check out Powerpopaholic for a thoughtful review of their latest effort. Locals can catch The Bubbles at Beauty Bar next month for 101X's Homegrown Live. - Covert Curiosity

"Austin Sound review"

The Bubbles’ debut album, Super Psychedelic Sound Explosion, practically oozes with the glee of a bunch of young musicians discovering how much fun rock and roll can be. Wearing their indie rock influences and hearts unabashedly on their sleeves, The Bubbles’ guitars shimmer, vocals are purposefully fuzzed out with just the right amount of distortion, and drums gallop at just the right pace to make heads and toes bop along to every song.

“Late Long Night” is a microcosm for the entire album: opening with some hand claps and William Glosup’s Jeff Tweedy meets Julian Casablancas singing, the song happily explodes behind the guitars and ringing cymbals just before wrapping things up perfectly without getting self indulgent or serious. While all the obvious influences are here – Pavement, The Beach Boys, Yo La Tengo, etc – The Bubbles tunes never sound ham fisted and forced. On “Right As Rain” and “Finale” (surprise! it’s the last track of the album!), the band changes things up just a bit, ditching vocals completely except for some cascading “ohs” and “ahs” and delightfully letting Glosup and Chris Balcom show their guitar chops.

The sweetest treat on the album, a song that demands repeated listens, is the cleverly titled “Lullabye”. With a gently crooned lead vocal, a wall of backing vocals, and a perfect little riff, Glosup sounds older and wiser than his years as he asks “I wonder to myself/ is life how it seems/ do we only exist/ as a memory”. Then the bass and drums kick in the door, the guitars become circular saws tearing through the haze, and the song quickly becomes anything but a gentle lullaby save for the twinkling tambourine.

In the end, perhaps the greatest compliment that can be paid to The Bubbles with respect to their debut album is this: It’s impossible to stop grinning while listening to Super Psychedelic Sound Explosion. And that’s the whole point of rock, right?

Reviewed by Marc Perlman - Austin Sound

"Feature on 'You Ain't No Picasso' Blog"

If there’s two things You Ain’t No Picasso loves, it’s Austin, TX and indie pop. So when those two collide at high speeds, it’s a beautiful mess that I’ll happily spend all day scooping up. The Bubbles are just such a mess.

(track review "Late Long Night"):

I would have to say that my favorite thing about “Late Long Night” is that it takes its time. The song doesn’t explode all at once, but rather unfolds in pieces — kind of like a Galaxie 500 song if it was about half as long and twice as catchy. - You Ain't No Picasso


'Super Psychedelic Sound Explosion' (LP) - released in July of 2008

Airplay from the album:

which contained tracks "Late Long Night" and "Like a Rocket" which were featured on 101X Homegrown, Now Playing Austin, KVRX, and more!

'Daydreaming in Technicolor' (LP) - released in August of 2010

Airplay from the album:

-"Never-Ending Summer" was featured on 101X Homegrown
and was a Future Sounds ( "song of the day",

"I Belong to the Stars" was featured KUT on Texas Music Matters "song of the day".



Soda-pop summers and nostalgic dreams of youthful romanticism consumed the young mind of William Glosup. Psychedelic pop songs from groups like The Kinks, The Beach Boys, The Flaming Lips and Harry Nilsson provided an inspiration; a method of capturing a feeling through sun-shiny melodies.

Eventually Glosup learned to capture that feeling himself, and recorded a collection of bedroom-written pop songs at Superpop Records in 2007, which later became The Bubbles first LP 'Super Psychedelic Sound Explosion' (released in the summer of 2008). As the songs had developed into the form of a record, a live band to perform the songs had as well.

In 2008-2009 'Super Psychedelic Sound Explosion' was called "A heavenly blast from the skies of psychedelic pop" by the Austinist, while Austin Sound said "It is impossible to stop grinning while listening to Super Psychedelic Sound Explosion". The album was also featured on 'You Ain't No Picasso', and Motionwave, a Tokyo based music/radio blog.

Recently in late August 2010, The Bubbles have released their second full-length record entitled 'Daydreaming in Technicolor'. So far the album has been featured in/on: Future Sounds, Powerpopaholic, The Austin-American Statesman, KUT (Texas Music Matters), The Onion A.V. Club, 101X, Covert Curiosity, and more!

The Bubbles as a live band are: William Glosup (Guitar/Vocals), Chris Balcom (Guitar/Vocals/Keys), William Yonley (Bass Guitar/Vocals), and Casey Seymour (Drums)