The Bucktones

The Bucktones


The Bucktones play good time covers ranging from rock to country to blues, and originals of a similar vein. World class guitar work by Jeff Scarborough, the sweet sax and flute of Richard Ball and tight vocals fronted by Kathleen Widlund help make the Bucktones a crowd- pleasing, good time band.


Who doesn't need a little dark and brooding music now and again? Sure thing. But the utter lack of these qualities are what distinguish The Bucktones from so many bands. This is a group of veteran players who thoroughly enjoy making their brand of upbeat music, and that energy radiates to their audiences. Influences include Susan Tedschi, Los Lobos, Etta James, Bonnie Raitt, SRV, and Johnny Cash. Based for several years in the Denver area, The Bucktones' members have their roots in Manhattan, San Francisco, LA and Minneapolis.


Shades of Gray

Written By: Kathleen Widlund

Your first breath and my first breath half the world away; 40-some-odd years ago we were both born on that day

But the countless blessings ahead of me taken all in stride were matched only by your countless fears war and poverty provide

And I cannot grasp this vast injustice

I was welcomed in to the happy din of a family filled with pride; you were left alone by a mother thrown into the struggle to survive

Neither hunger pang nor chilling rain ever grazed my lucky life; but your belly bloat and your gaze remote bore the telltale signs of strife

And I cannot grasp this vast injustice

I was schooled and trained, now and then complained that life just isn't fair; you never owned a book, not a toy, never took a single breath without a care

My prom night we were quite a sight in our satin and our lace while you gave birth alone in the dirt to your third babe full of grace

And I cannot grasp this vast injustice

Now I raise my kids trying hard to live with a code of love and truth and they buried you, wonder if you knew the taste of joy or heaven's proof

Maybe one fine day when shades of gray become hopeful rays of light our grown children can learn to build on an end to war and strife

And I pray they can end this vast injustice

Because I cannot grasp this vast injustice


Miss Empty Pockets, a cd of originals written by Kathleen Widlund, was released in 12/08. It can be heard on

Set List

We typically play a 4 hour gig which we break into three one-hour sets interspersed with twenty minute breaks. A typical set list includes:

Little By Little (Tedeschi cover)
When Will I Be Loved (Ronstadt cover)
Miss Empty Pockets (original)
Memphis in the Meantime (Hiatt cover)
Angel From Montgomery (Raitt cover)
Tongue-Tied (original)
I Walk the Line (Cash cover)
Pride and Joy (SRV cover)
Deep Dark Hole (Los Lobos)
Weary (original)
Revolution (Beatles cover)
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Williams cover)
Gimme One Reason (Chapman cover)
Cowgirl Lullabye (original)
Empty Arms (SRV cover)