The Bud Brothers

The Bud Brothers


The Bud Brothers are a fresh interpretation of the age old art of duo (trio?). They slide effortlessly through genres as they develop their musical ideas on stage. They have entertained diverse audiences ranging from rooms of senior citizens to the after party of a Grace Potter and Galactic show.


3 years ago, fledgling jazz pianist Jake Pinto conscripted the help of rock drummer Damon Owens to fill the ranks of his very own Jake Pinto Trio. The Jazz trio gigged around the greater Sarasota area, playing sets out of the Real Book peppered with funk tunes and original compositions. One day, Jake and Damon got together in Damon's home studio for a rehearsal and recorded themselves kicking it freestyle. It was saved on Damon's hard drive but was otherwise lost to the world for half a year. Jake stumbled across the ancient recording and showed it to Damon, who immediately dug the funky rhythms accompanied by jazz voicings. The two ditched the trio concept and began working in the studio, trying to perfect a sound which would eventually become The Bud Brothers. The Bud Brothers have recently been playing all over Sarasota, from the local Whole Foods Grocery Store to the city's Art's Day Festival. They have also played alongside Grace Potter and Galactic at St. Petersburg's Jannus Landing (Jeff Raines of Galactic jammed with them onstage). Although no LP has been released, the Bud Brothers have accumulated more than a CD's worth of tunes, not including their covers. Musically, The Bud Brothers are, like its components, a mixture of jazz, rock, and funk. They groove through their original compositions and have been known to belt out old Mingus, Zawinul, or even Monk tunes like you have never heard before. Jake is a man possessed behind his arsenal of analog keyboards and Damon goes from holding open a deep pocket to smashing through counter melodies based on Jake's improvisation. The Bud Brothers play a dynamic show, playing sets which range from slow, groovy tunes to screaming jams and, if you're lucky, duo arrangements of old Ray Charles or Beatles songs with none other than Jake on vocals. In a nutshell, the Bud Brothers are fresh, exciting, and coming to funkify a music festival near you.

Set List

We will play original compositions and covers including songs by Mingus, Radiohead, Galactic, Thelonius Monk, Prokofeiv, the Beatles, etc. We sometimes digress into improvisational soundscapes where we blend genres and quote songs which we listened to earlier that day.