The Buddhahood

The Buddhahood

 Rochester, New York, USA

FUN! Dance-inducing World-ternative groove. A smorgasbord of world influences wrapped in a giant percussive rock-n-roll burrito. Steel drum, horns, percussion, vocal harmonies, & smokin' guitar, served up with Roots, Rock, Samba, Ska, Funk, Jam, Reggae, Calypso, Afro-Pop, and a slice of Americana.


Since 1996, The Buddhahood has been driving their World-Ternative Groove train in and out of Rochester, NY, whipping crowds of beloved fans into frenzy, blurring the line between stage and dance floor, and transcending audiences with their explosive and soulful shows. Carrying on the messages of Tony Cavagnaro, original Buddhahood band member and friend who died in a car crash, they continue to perform, write and record music with an innovative and bewitching twist. The Buddhahood’s message – be happy and have fun. That’s what you’ll get.

Eight members arrive from varied musical backgrounds to make up this highly creative and entertaining ensemble. With full percussion, horns, bass, guitar, keys and multiple vocalists, this incarnation has the tools to deliver tunes mixed with shades of Afro-pop, Roots, Reggae, Jazz, Rock, Blues and Samba in unstoppable vibration and elemental harmony, and the band is working on recording its newest material.


No Mind

Written By: Tony Cavagnaro

Just you no mind
And forget what you heard
Act like nothin’ even ever happened
Think twice about talkin’ or even guessing no mind
And forget what you heard
Just you no mind
Just you no mind
And forget what you might have seen
Such an illusion
A projection on a mean, green screen
That was not a scream
You had a daydream
So just you no mind
And forget what you seen

Perfect Light

Written By: Tony Cavagnaro

I am here to talk about perfect light
Crippled by fear you don’t know why this can’t go on
Mad men preaching hatred all around our world
I am here to talk about perfect light

You hear their lies they blind your eyes,
This can’t go on
They can not hear they do not see
Their hearts are black
A forked tongue can’t preach peace
By sacrificing lives
I am here to talk about perfect light

We belong to the earth,
It doesn’t belong to us
I wonder what kind of weed will grow, when we are gone

Seek the truth to speak the truth show your light
Stand up strong look them in the eye. Ask them why
Mad men preaching hatred all around our world
I am here to talk about perfect light


Rub the Buddha 1997
Welcome 1999
Live at Park Ave 2002
Live at Park Ave 2004
Live at the German House 2005
Muddy Roots 2006
Toasty: Live @ Park Ave Fest 2007 (2-disc Live CD)

Set List

The Buddhahood plays all-original music.
Sets can run anywhere from 45 minutes to 4 hours non-stop.
Set lists often include the following songs:
All Our Own
Beach Tune
Big Boy Dream
Big Fish
Dirt Sleep
Free Man
Gave Up All My Sorrows
Goodbye Again
Hey What's Goin' On?
Higher State
Home On the Ol' Enzyme
In the End
Ital is Vital
January Thaw
Museum of Life
No Mind
Oh Woman
On My Way Home
Orchid Girl
Parachute Ride
Perfect Light
Purify My Mind
Rub the Buddha
Rule of Law
Sandy and Carl
Shady Side of the Hill
Spy Surfer
Steely Pan
Swamp Ghost
Temptress Eyes
Through the Veil
Uncle Patty
What's My Crime?
When're We Gonna Go?
Worry Tune

Besides the full blown electric show, The Buddhahood also performs Drum and Horn Marches, and facilitates Drum workshops.