The Buddhi

The Buddhi


An eclectic blend of dub reggae, afrobeat and psychedelia, The Buddhi remains elusive to those who try to classify its music. This wild clan of 8 has finally embraced its experimental side, while grooving hard as ever.


The Buddhi is constantly evolving.

Upgrading their repertoire, gear and ideas often, this gang of eight has been elusive to those who attempt to confine them to a genre or predict their next move. Dancing around the boundaries of reggae, afrobeat, dub, and funk, The Buddhi is known for keeping audiences moving by conjuring an appetite for groove and tone, then satiating that hunger with a saturation of unique sound. At the group's core is a rhythm section just as dirty and raw as it is tight and groovy, keeping you needing more, always. Horns, ranging from 3-4 pieces, mesmerize listeners with their addictive melodies and weaving improvisations. The tunes themselves orbit around discourses of humanity, stories, and messages that blur the lines of reality with the surreal, leaving it up the audience to draw its own meaning from the band's diverse collection of original music. The Buddhi dares to be different, looking steadfast into the future while paying homage and respect to the sounds and messages of yesterday. The Buddhi has been known to strip paint from walls, rouse dormant volcanoes, and interrupt the orbits of small planets with their funky, pulsating groove, leaving no danceable beats behind. The Buddhi is sure to make any show a special occasion, bringing a distinct sound with them everywhere they play.


"What's Shakin'" - released June 2008
This album is The Buddhi's first full length release, recorded in the hills of Hector, NY at Blue Sky Studio. The Buddhi and Studio Owner/Engineer Rob Curatolo recorded the album and The Buddhi and Jim Peters Mixed and Mastered it. The Album is currently Sold Out and Discontinued

"II"-Release Date is scheduled for Spring 2010.
The Second Offer from the Boys and Girls of The Buddhi. More details TBA.

Set List

The Buddhi has been known to play sets as long as 2 hours, and as short as an hour. No Longer than 2 hours, no shorter than 1 hour. The sets consist of ALL ORIGINAL MUSIC!!!!! We rarely play a cover and when we do it is special. So if you are looking for a band that will play covers and classics then please look elsewhere. Thanks.