The Buddies

The Buddies


Organic folk rock, with catchy melodies and inspiring lyrics, somewhere between. Music that begins as a sophisticated conversation around a coffee table and after the first cup, has the whole table dancing with their mugs in the air.


The Buddies first embarked upon their musical journey together in 2005, when John Howard, Buddies drummer, and Nate Hainzinger, Buddies guitarist and vocalist formed the Illinois rock band, Willow with Aslan's Claw guitarist Caleb Francis. The band played many shows and put out one studio release, Leaving Yourself Behind in 2006, before they disbanded in 2007 while Nate and John pursued paths in foreign missions. When the two returned to the small town of Morris, IL to see what would be next for them, they began performing small coffee shops and local venues under the creative name 'Nate Hainzinger,' as they were playing mostly songs that Nate had been writing with the passion to pursue a career as a singer/songwriter. Not long after they began performing, Nate's sister and John's close friend, Anna Hainzinger, returned to the great midwest from Derby, England after spending some time there doing urban mission work. Anna, Buddies' bassist, had played with Nate and John for years as a musician for Nate's solo adventure and at churches and various events. Anna was a member of the local Morris band, Krashwell, who performed several shows with Willow, including opening for them at Fishapalooza 2005. Anna officially joined the two and started the Buddies in the Summer of 2008, and the group has been performing at small venues and coffee shops in hopes to see freedom, love, and peace sung into the hearts of fans. The Buddies have been performing across the globe individually for years, and now the time has come to see where the wind will blow them as a group. With dreams high and hopes flying higher, there's no telling where time will find them.



Set List

Our sets include anywhere from 2 originals and 2 covers to 15 originals and 15 covers. Our sets also range from acoustic guitars and percussion to the full band with amps and drums.