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"Radio Interview review"

"Thanks for dropping in and gracing our studios with your glorious song."
Sam Van Zandt
KFRC and KBAY - "Street Talk" host


"CD Baby Online Review"

Timeless song lyrics for anyone who's in Love, been in Love or, if you've ever wanted to be Loved; this collection of Bryan's 'Raw Tracks' will surely be appreciated! From a child's Love, first puppy Love to one who's Loved many times, everyone will truly relate to songs of life experiences, and the music is good TOO!! Listen to this CD!!! Buy this CD!!! Send someone this CD!!! - Roger Goodwin

" Online Rave"

First impressions: Wow! Roller Coaster of the songs.  I'm surprised you guys are even on NumberoneMusic. You should be out there!  One hell of a first impression. You've plundered long and deep here. Nothing samey and not repetitive at all. This is seriously catchy stuff. What more can I say, those songs are just really good. Gets me in a good mood! And the vocals are perfect. Well, so is the band.
Very good...playlist time!
- Lil Traskman Bendz, Sweden

"BHB Defies Pigeon-Holing"

Bryan Harrison's music defies 'pigeon-holing'. It's not country, it's not folk, it's not roots rock. Who cares? It's Bryan Harrison and it's damn fine stuff. He gives me the kind of music I love to present to my audience; down-to-earth, personal and pure. He sings from his heart to yours and sends the message with a band that masterfully enhances the delivery."
Jeff Abbas - KPVL FM - Postville, Iowa - Jeff Abbas - KPVL FM

"Harmonious Sound at the Cadillac"

"Thank you so much for coming to play at the Concerts at the Cadillac. We all loved the music, I especially thought your original song was great! The interesting thing about the music was how well everyone harmonized together. It was as though your personalities were meshed together in the music and what came out was a beautiful harmonious sound." - Kathy Looper, Producer

"Five Star Rating"

Bryan Harrison's new 14 song cd "raw tracks" seems to be an intimate look inside the heart and soul of his songwriting. this cd is a studio produced solo acoustic version of his music portfolio as well as a few newly produced titles. mostly moderate to upbeat, the acoustic guitar melodies are unique and full and one can't help but listen to the sharp meaningful lyrics. "raw tracks" is a great sunday afternoon cd that should be played very loud on a nice home stereo while relaxing over a glass of wine. the cd is produced well and is high enough quality to be purchased as a cd or as a digital download. -


The Buds just released their first full-length band cd, aptly named "Organic Tuneage".



The Buds had a very successful and delightful 2009 "Organic Tunes" Tour, during which they released their first full-length band cd, aptly named "Organic Tuneage.

Dynamics, arrangement, honed song craft, and three part harmonies bring The Buds to the top of the list. Real life songs of independence, heartache, love, desire, reflection, and a flair for social and political conscience, provide a rich canvas for the music to reach the listener in ways they can easily relate.

A product of the local San Francisco Bay Area music scene, The Buds evolved from late-night jam sessions into a more acoustic-driven experience.

Capturing the magic, that creative spark and driving force that defines a successful band, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, is what The Buds strive to find and attain. Building from their own developed talents as songwriters, musicians, and vocalists, the evolution of the band has shifted from the a very rock-driven focus more toward the CSNY end of the spectrum.

Longtime compatriots Bryan Harrison and Jim McLaren have gone through various shifts in sound and style with the band Bryan founded several years ago. Bryan's original intent was to expand on his songwriting, bringing some fellow musician friends together to build on his songs, mixing them in with great songs all in the band love to play.

Jim, who has sarcastically referred to himself as being "one step up from the curb" - a reference to his extensive experience busking the streets of the North Beach district in San Francisco - brought his own style and strong cover song experience to the fore. Together, their harmonies and combined talents began opening doors for places to play.

Jim has hung on through many changes in the band. Ever popular, with his acoustic guitar, Dylan-esque harmonica, and warm vocals, Jimmy provides a great deal of heart to the music of The Buds.

Elisa M. Welch is a multi-talented musician and vocalist. She plays keyboards, octave mandolin, mandolin, even pennywhistle on occasion, but it's her voice that really shines brightest. Her songwriting talent has found its way into the mix, as well. Together, the trio do some beautiful three part harmonies.

Dave Coan rounds out the group's sound with his percussive talents, most notably on his West African djembe drum. Bryan and Dave first started playing coffee house gigs together at the early turn of the century, and have gone through many changes together, as well. A cornerstone of the sound, the music's always better when Dave's there.

The Buds have evolved into a multi-layered cohesion of musicians who manage to create that musical magic together. Or as the band likes to call it, "mewzic!"