The Bug Nasties

The Bug Nasties


We are a band that is heavy on the 60's soul and Mod/Garage sound. Call and response vocals, wild guitar solos, groovy keyboards, catchy riffs, crazy drum fills and all rooted in classic rock 'n' roll. Our music is for those who love to dance and get crazy!


The Bug Nasties ask "Which Way Ya Wanna Go, Baby?". The Bug Nasties translate pounding 60's R&B through the buzz & crackle of today's music. We started as a vehicle for Brother James to get his soul singer aspirations out of the closet by fronting his own band. The drive behind The Bug Nasties is playing upbeat, outta site music with passion and having loads of fun doing it!

Brother James' history goes back to the mid-80's Seattle music scene with pioneering grunge/punk bands 64 Spiders and Subpop's Catbutt. He formed The Sinister Six (Get Hip) in 1991, and after years of touring the US & Europe and three successful LP's, it was time to form a band that captured the passion of the English Mod bands and the excitement of James Brown on stage at The Apollo.

During the frenzy of a particularly good night, Brother James will engage in a dance contest with an audience member or elicit the entire room in a call-and-response sing-a-long. On the nights we have played Studio '66, James dances with the Go-Go Girls while furiously strumming on the guitar. Each band member takes a solo in classic 60's rave-up fashion.

The band's largest influences are James Brown, Ike & Tina, The Small Faces, Motown, The Who, The Yardbirds, The Jam, The Buzzcocks and The Gories. We cover songs by Marvin Gaye, Small Faces, Barret Strong, The Jam, and The Sorrows. The majority of our songs are original compositions by Brother James and arrangements by the group. New drummer Matt Jones played in legendary Subpop garage band The Nights & Days. Tom Price of Gas Huffer is now our resident keyboard player.

In 2004, we played two big garage rock festivals in California - Wasted Weekend in Sacramento and Budget Rock in San Francisco. We have shared bills with Andre Williams, The Flash Express, The Love Me Nots, The Chelsea Smiles, The Morlocks, The Sermon, Thee Emergency, Love Battery, Thee Shams and Gas Huffer.

Our debut CD was released in the spring of 2007 titled "Which Way Ya Wanna Go?" on Flotation Records. In spring of 2009, we will release a 7" record 'She's So Right' on Flotation.


CD/LP "Which Way Ya Wanna Go?" (Flotation Records)
CD "The Funhouse Comp Thing" - Night Trip (My Fat Ass Productions)

We have tracks on's podcast and are currently in rotation on KUSF (San Francisco), KALX (Berkely), KBOO (Portland) and KEXP (Seattle).

Set List

Our set ranges from a quick 30 minutes to 45 minutes tops. We play between 10 - 13 songs and insert 1 to 3 covers per set. A typical set list would be:

Soul Dance 999 (bug nasties)
Blinded (bug nasties)
Help Me (bug nasties)
The Last Train (bug nasties)
Night In Shibuya (bug nasties)
Love and Hate (bug nasties)
Somethin' Ain't Right (bug nasties)
Honeydew 3000 (bug nasties)
Baby, Don't Do It (cover)
She's So Right (bug nasties)
Souless Kiss (bug nasties)
Elementary Lesson (bug nasties)