The Build-UP

The Build-UP


Folk based Underdog indie rock pop. Five different musical backgrounds and cultures building up one evolving sound.


Five people from five different parts of this country stumble upon each other in Denver, Colorado. Each have distinctly different musical tastes (one's a punk head, one's a jazz head, one's a folk head, one's an indie head, one's a crazy ass) but are thrown together into a one night performance to raise money for a Neal Cassady documentary (they didn't even know each other's names). They discover that while on paper this collaboration could never work, it was incredibly inspiring and the songs that had for years been stuck inside their respective heads poured out. Within the first three months, they wrote approximately 30 songs. They aren't sure where they are going, but they know what they are doing on their way: writing songs, singing songs, playing songs.



Written By: C. Carrington


Take me down to the water
We won’t talk about your father
We won’t scratch the surface
No we won’t even bother

Take my hand I’ll protect you
I won’t let those men expect you
To let those same men subject you
To what all men should object to

Hey William van Maaren
Is that cologne or guilt that you’re wearin’
What’s on that note in your coat that your carryin’
These are children that you are betrayin

Take me up to the bus, we won’t
Talk about your brother because, we don’t
Have a lot of time together, on account
Of this land’s unforgiving weather

But there’s his stuff ON a mattress spring
His freedom is in everything
It’s hard to know if he was meant to go
It’s hard to know if he can hear us sing

Hey Alaskan mister
Do you realize you orphaned your sister?
Did you ever even miss her?
There is a love here that you are betrayin


Take me straight to the church
I hear now they’ve called off the search
People are handing out flowers there
A frozen father stands beyond repair

Lift your head up if you can
No one will make you try to understand
Why you pay the cost for this broken land
Why love isn’t in… greater demand

Hey Matthew Murray
Is there a purpose in your paranoid fury?
There’s a child in you somewhere surely.
This is innocence that you are betrayin

Take me cuffed to the court
There’s no point in any retort
I’s convicted before I walked through these doors
Cause the truth is whatever is in a police report

But there was a time I (or YOU?) believed
In freedom and truth and equality
In compassion and fairness and neutrality
Now it’s all just a mockery

Now the DA’s persuading
It’s a felony assault that she’s making
These are decent men that she’s taking
It is justice that she is betrayin


I promise
I believe
In man’s
In following the latest fashion
But these things you should not ration
The underdog IS COMPASSION!!!!!



Written By: C. Carrington


i read it in the news last night
he’s coming down it’s quite a sight
everything that’s in his path
burned to the ground nothing lasts

he’s after girls and children too
he won’t rest until it’s all through
sherman burned another down’
oh sherman spare us just this town

the smoke is rising the sky is black
he’s on his way for his attack
I hear his march a funeral sound
Oh Sherman please spare us just this town

It was in the night, the sky went bright
My eyes burned hard from the firelight
Sherman burned another town
Oh Sherman spare me just this round

He burned my fields and livestock too
Through my dog his bullets flew
Oh Christ tell me what to do!
Sherman I don’t believe in you!

He walked across my cold dead lawn
To my porch he put his torch upon
And the house built with my grandfather‘s hands
Went up in a flash no words were said

The smoke filled her lungs as she laid so sweet
All I hear is her mother weep
His steps are light but his thirst is deep
He killed my baby in her sleep

His deed was done as he turned to go
In his eyes I saw the glow
Sherman burned another town
Oh Sherman spare me just this round

i saw father dead in the grass
i held my son as his young life passed
sherman burned another town
oh sherman spare me just this round

Box of Plastic

Written By: C. Carrington

Box of Plastic

The bright light flickers off every wall
in the houses in the schools in the dirty prison halls
and plastic patrick swears this script won't stop
i will love you forever unless the ratings drop

Her lips are flawless so the viewer's not concerned
that the idea of love is now diminishing return
that the time it takes for a man to leave his wife
is a commercial break, in the middle of the night

The Truth is defined by the sponsor it attracts
If you stay right there then he’ll be right back
you send up a prayer for the chance to rehearse
decisions and revisions that a minute will reverse

Lonely Hunter

Written By: C. Carrington

Lonely Hunter

My heart was an ending summer
Just a lonely hunter in a wasteland

I awoke and your palm was cold
I was on my own in the city

My best days are nowhere to be found
I’m turned around and I’m crying

If this love is truly alive and real
Why do I feel like I’m dying?

All of the wolves have gathered round
But I don’t mind. I’m doing fine on my own
Now this room is spinning round
This comfort is not free
And no one can save me from you now

And all of your painful lessons learned
Mean nothing now that you’re older

And all the time repairing bridges burned
Counting money earned is just a vice now

All these voices are none of your concern
They’ve earned my trust in the darkness


EP - Punching Toward the Morning Light
Some tracks streaming via myspace.

Set List

Typical Set List:
Box of Plastic
Helen's Turning Red
Winter Dress
Hell's Golden Gate
Shine for You
Lonely Hunter

covers include everything from Neutral Milk Hotel to Billy Joel