The Bullies of Basin St.

The Bullies of Basin St.

 Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

The Bullies of Basin St. are a high energy Gypsy Swing World Music Group led by Tenor Banjo player Will Cramer. There set list includes Swing, Ragtime, Tango's and Rhumba's all intertwined to form a lovable ethnicly charged acoustic sound.


The Bullies of Basin St. have taken artisticly diverse roots such as Gypsy Swing, Tango, Ragtime and East European Folk Music and fused it all together to create their one of a kind sound. Led by Tenor Banjo player and trained Clown Will Cramer the Bullies explore early Jazz as a World Beat acoustic Music. With Violin virtuoso John Calverley's award winning sound, Tim Rutter's expert fingerstyle Guitar playing and Moni Mathew's hard driving approach to the acoustic bass they are turning heads and winning hearts everywhere they play!
Formed in 2006 after a tour to New Orleans, Will wanted a group that could span many musical styles while showcasing his banjo chops. The Bullies first full length Album DESOLATION RAG features 15 original tracks of melt in your mouth acoustic glory and has talented guest artists Don Berner on Sax, Jamie Philp on Guitar, Audrey Ochoa on Trombone and whiz kid Drummer Dr. John Newton as the beaver.


March 2008 release, DESOLATION RAG.
All original full length Album.
Radio airplay on CKUA, CJSR, CBC in Alberta.
For sale online at
June 2006 self titled 4 song debut EP.
Give away to fans and as a demo.

Set List

Our sets would be about 50-55 minutes long. We can do as many as 3 in a night. Our set list includes original music off our Album as well as some updated standards. If we are playing a festival and they want just one set we would do:
Cracker Jack Rag,
Bean Bug Deluxe,
Dark Sun Aboo,
Grumpy Boo,
Blues for T.J,
Low Point X,
Desolation Rag,
St. Thomas,
The Happy Fun Gang,
Serendipity Doo.