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The Hippest Country music band for kids you are ever gonna come across. Original Catchy tunes in true country styles performed in a Grand Ole Opry style of small town skit based humor between the gritty guitar licks and songs that will make you happier than a honeybee sippin on a flower!!!


Country Music for Kids -- what a concept!! Hey Country kids and welcome to The Bummkinn Band's site. We're as happy as a donut that has just been glazed that ya'll found us. Whether you have kids or like kids or are a kid yourself, we really hope you'll check out our country music tunes for children of all ages!! Our second CD, " ROCKIN THE YEEHAW ", just headin down the dusty trail. This features songs that we hope will help to define the genre of country music for kids. It will keep your boots a scootin and hats a flyin for sure with more amazing musical talents and songs like "You Broke My Heart on the Swingset" and "Texas Sized BooBoo". This is a must have CD for country kid's of all ages!!! Just go to and search out The BummKinn Band and it can be yours!!!! The first CD, "STARRY SKIES AND LULLABIES" features the incredible work of musicians including Dusty Wakeman, Dave Raven, Doug Pettibone, Skip Edwards, Scott Joss, Chris Lawrence, Peter Tork, King Cotton, Keith Gaddis, Bryson Jones and Jonny Kaplan. They helped make all of my songs great! Our touring trio, which includes Kimber Breaux (that's me), Ryan Bueter and Sam Nickell. I'm Rosie Mae Bummkinn, Ryan is Mighty Maverick Bummkinn and Sam is Big Red Bummkinn. We tell stories and silly jokes, sing songs and have a really great time!! We even have our very own BummKinn Band Diddy that tells ya'll who we are!!! The BummKinn Band comes from the town of Stone's Throw in the mythical country corner of Fish in a Tree county near the banks of Swimmin Swallow Crik and yes just bout a stones throw away from Hullaballoo. Hullaballoo being the home town of our good friend, the king of country music, Joe Bear Bummkinn -- he's a teddy sized bear with a grizzly personality. Speakin a influences he is the Buck Ownes fo the bear community. We're also developing a KIDS TV SHOW, not unlike another of our influences HeeHaw for all the folks who love their family fun country-style! It'll make your heart smile... SO if you like Loretta, Willie, Lucinda, Hank, Wynona, Tammy, and even David Allen Coe you and your kids are a gonna eat us up like Texas Barbecue!!!


Perfect Kids Country SOng

Written By: Kimber Breaux, Ryan Bueter

my big wheel busted on the way to the soda shop
my rowdiness rusted headin for a bottle a pop
the rains they came a fallin as my hound dog shook it off
'fore my mama could fetch me I caught me a mighty cough
my mama drove up to us in the step side pick up truck'
you wheelers need a ride seems you cowpokes are down on luck
my mama's always thinkin she brought ice cold root beer along
and I now have the makins for the perfect kid's country song
talkin bout
root beer
and pick up trucks
mama and dogs
cowpokes down on luck
big wheels busted in the rain
rowdiness rusted and an ole freight train
so hey all you country kids out there
time to sing along
this here's the perfect kids country song
so we loaded the big wheel in the bed of mama's truck
while tyin it down got my wrangler shirt stuck
mama came to help me while my dog licked my ear
ya know maw was carryin that ice cold root beer
as we all hopped on in I heard the train whistle blowin
the sound of rain on the winder windshield wipers flowin
looked back at my big wheel sang you really done me wrong
now this is the perfect kid's country song
talkin bout
root beerand pick up trucks
mama and dogs
cowpokes down on luck
big wheels busted in the rain
rowdiness rusted and an ole freight train
hey all you country kids out there
time to sing along
this here's the perfect kids country song

It was all I could do to keep from cryin


We have two fabulous CD's out. Our most recent is " Rockin the YeeHaw" and our debut release " Starry Skies and Lullabies ". Songs on the radio include " A Bear WIth No Hair", "Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed", I Wanna Be a Tree", " Unusual Day", " I Dropped My Ice Cream on the Ground", " You Broke My Heart on the Swingset", " Farm Road 22".

Set List

BummKinn Diddy
Woke Up On the Wrong Side of the Bed
Farm Road 22
I Wanna Be a Tree
Crab Bit My Toe
Texas Sized BooBoo
Western Wear
Miss Giddy
You Broke My Heart On The Swingset
I'm Alright
Snowman In the Freezer
I Dropped MY Ice Cream on the Ground
BummKinn Diddy

Our sets range from 30 to 50 minutes in length depending on the venue.