The Burgundy Curtain

The Burgundy Curtain


Indie Rock / Ambient / Electronica


The band's founding member, Nick Del Rossi, wrote the lyrics, sang and played most of the instruments on the album, including guitar, keyboards and electronic drum loops. Philip Munalfo contributed bass tracks and helped write the drum loops. Drummer Andrew Clemons joined the band in January 2008.

The band's live performances include Del Rossi on guitar and vocals with Clemons on drums and percussion. The band is rounded out with the rest of the instrumentation being played from a laptop computer, resulting in a full band sound with only two members. Special guests sometimes join the band on stage for background vocals and other accompaniments. Keith Axleson joined the band in summer of 08 and has rounded out the live setup with bass.

Influences: The Album Leaf, The Mercury Program, Lymbyc System, Six Parts Seven, Dntel, Eluvium, Telefon Tel Aviv, Tortoise.


We have finished our first full length album called "The Days Move Quietly Around Us," which is available now through iTunes and other retailers.

Set List

We currently have about 90 minutes of original material: On the Other Hand, Verbatim, Clouds Are Forming, Different Routes, Morning Whisper, Monument, From Point A to Point C, Yesterday Today, Marigold Dream, Silent Sounds, Unequally, Shapeless Start, Broken Door