The Burial

The Burial


"A breath of fresh air to a punk fan not present since RANCID'S OUT COME THE WOLVES nearly 10 years ago!"---LOUISVILLE MUSIC NEWS--- The Burial mixes punk, metal, and pop, to create a large, powerful, and catchy sound.


The Burial formed in early 2004 with a clean and sharp mix of NoFx meets Megadeath. But with the POP sensability of Alkaline Trio or Green Day. Setting out with a Technical Proficiency that is hard to find in punk music, THE BURIAL plans to take their unique, Louisville based sound to the road!


Lake Michigan

Written By: The Burial

I walk the shore of Lake Michigan
So very late at night
Wondering how you would have died
If I hadn't ended you last night
A shovel and a bag of lime is all it took, to kill the pain
A Chesire cat grin
And a wink as you lie in your grave

Knock, Knock, Knock, on the basement door
Whats that sound, no one knows
An alcohol IV will kill the pain

Step to the tide just to wash the crimson on my hands away
Catch a glimpse of broken finger nails
A very small price to pay
Over my should came a noise that was
Much to my dismay
Pelicans that turn to vultures as they take flight

x's for eyes

Written By: The Burial

I walk along this road
without you next to me
and if I have to sacrafice
touching the sun
it might make me

loose control

I can't help but believe that
theres a better way to live
so i won't, no i won't
give in to this

High above the trees
between this world
and the afterlife
it might be, and end result
to all her pain

loose control

Over a Cigarette

Written By: The Burial

As eyes meet across
a crowded room
and so it all begins,
the brightest
black night that you ever knew
a means to an end
when worlds collide
and then start over again
the feelings not the same
as before
your gut hits the floor
as the moment drags you in

I am now that
your a part of me

Not the person
that you used to be
somethings changed in you
that only I can see
it has to be the cause
of reation to cause an
attraction, between you and me
so lets do it again
so I can look through your eyes
and see what you see


2004--"The End of All Things Beautiful" EP

2006--"Songs To Die For" LP
(Including Singles such as "LAKE MICHIGAN"
"Over A Cigarette" and "X's for Eyes"
The Burial is played regularly on 103.7 "THE FOX"
Louisville Kentucky (with a tri-state listening audience)

Set List

The Burial are capable of a 45 or so song set. But the typical set is
-x's for eyes
-the undead
-rapid blood loss
-not new jersey
-die with you
-the burial
-over a cigarette
-joes not here
-rock and roll acceleration
-moving on
-flame of the west
-lake michigan
**if a cover is needed, we pick the most applicable ones selected from our list of ever changing 20 or so cover songs to be played in the middle of the set