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This band has not uploaded any videos




The Burn & Cry
Eric Eckelman is The Salt Pirahna on Drums
Pancho Garza is Etherwulf on Guitar
Kevin Mackall is Vaporworm on Bass and bv
Mike Marco is Lead Luminous on Vox

Whats the origin of your band name?

The Burn & Cry:
The Burn and Cry comes from the alchemical idea of the union of opposites…evolving from
fire and water.

How long have you all known each other?
The Burn & Cry:
Kevin and Eric have known each other the
longest, for about 10 years…The rest of the
band has known each other for about 5 years.
Actually Mike, Kevin and Eric have known each
other for 8 years. Pancho and Mike have been
hanging out for about 7 years or so. ..
How did you meet?

The Burn & Cry:
We all met thru our day jobs at MTV

When did you form your band?

The Burn & Cry:
The Burn & cry formed about five years ago.

What inspired you to make music together?
The Burn & Cry:
The child like curiosity for and naïve love
of balls to the wall hard rock. We all played
music in other bands and and that ran it’s
course. It was time to start something new
and melodically heavy…
What is your music background?

The Burn & Cry:
Vaporworm: I have played bass for 32 years. I studied bass, music theory and composition
formally for about 15 years and still practice regularly.

Lead Luminous: I have been singing ever since I was a kid. Then when I was 19 years old I
was asked to be the front man of a metal band called “The Unspoken”. I sang lead vocals
with them for 10 years. Now The Burn & Cry is my gig.
Who are your musical influences?
The Burn & Cry:
Vaporworm: Chris Squire, Geddy
Lee, Charles Mingus, Steve Harris,
John Paul Jones, Keith Richards.

Lead Luminous: James Hetfield,
Jim Morrison, John Popper, Geddy
Lee, Chuck Billy, Jerry Garcia, Layne
staley, Maynard James Keenan, Chris
Cornell, Ozzy Osbourne & Phil Anselmo.

What are your immediate music career goals?

The Burn & Cry:
Vaporworm: Write and record another album. Play more gigs.

Lead Luminous: Open for some larger acts in the greater North East area of the
United states. It would be also great to get on some summertime festivals whether
it’s here in the USA or over seas.

Who handles your daily business activities? (Bookings, promotions etc.)

The Burn & Cry:
Alison Roberto. (A.K.A Astra Rara)

Do you have a record label? Are you a member of any music organizations?

The Burn & Cry:
Little Kids Rock, Ballet Deviare. No label just yet, we put out our music independently
and that is a great thing.

Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues?
The Burn & Cry:
Lead Luminous: Our favorite place to play
was CBGB’s here in New York City but that is
now a thing of the past. Still looking for the next
great rock venue to pop up in NYC. Our least
favorite place to play would be a shit hole called
“Retox”. They have no idea how to treat people
and could’nt be any more unprofessional. Bands
be warned, DO NOT EVER PLAY THERE! ......
Do you have any upcoming shows?

The Burn & Cry:
Lead Luminous: No, we are currently in writing mode. However, we are in the early planning
stages of our video release pary…TBD on the venue.

Where would the "ultimate" venue for you to play be?

The Burn & Cry:
Vaporworm: I would love to play a metal show at the legendary Apollo Theater.

Lead Luminous: Red Rocks Ampitheartre in Morrison, Colorado. The place is fucking
beautiful and the sound is unmatched.

Which songs do you perform most frequently?

The Burn & Cry:
We’ve been playing the album and a few new originals

Do you ever play any covers?

The Burn & Cry:
Yes we love playing covers!
“The Symptom Of the Universe” by Black Sabbath & “Waiting For The Sun” by The
Doors to name a few.

Who writes your songs?

The Burn & Cry:
Kevin and Pancho write most of the music and bring it in to work out with Eric.
Kevin and Marco write mostly all the lyrics & Melody.
What are the main themes or topics for most
of your songs?
The Burn & Cry:
Vaporworm: I tend to write about medieval
philosophy, topical protest songs and the
currency of my dreams.

Lead Luminous: I like to write about events
that are occurring and that have occurred in
my life….It helps me sleep better at night.

Who comes up with the most song ideas?

The Burn & Cry:
Mostly Kevin and Pancho…but we all contribute to the songs. It would be fair to say that no
matter who brings in what riff, lyric or melody line, the entire band makes it whole. Without
that, you would not have a band but four solo careers.


"The B&C Album Review Spring 2008"

By Metal Mark

Hailing from New York City, The Burn and Cry are a powerful group ready to break into the hard rock music scene. This band is for the people that like it heavy.

Great rhythms, solid breakdowns, and even jazz parts are brought in the musical assault. The vocals, whether clean or screaming, can only be described as strong.

One of my favorite things about this band is the bass guitar. Most bands keep the bass in the background, but The Burn and Cry turn the bass up and he thumps hard throughout every song. The bass parts remind me of Rage Against The Machine and I can't get enough of it. The bass and drums are the energy holders of the band and never disappoint.

For the guitar fans, the guitarist throws in riffs that reach from thrash metal to just plain earsplitting rock. This band has released a CD and now its up to the fans to determine their future. They have already made their name known in New York, and it's only a matter of time before everyone knows exactly who they are. - Metal Mark at Target Audience Magazine

"Nov 2007 Metal Kel interviews the Burn & Cry" - Hollywood Music TV

"Metal Edge September '08"

The B&C were recent winners of Metal Edge's Does Your Band Suck the Least Contest.

They have a track on Metal Edge magazine's CD Sampler, which will be bundled in over 100,000 issues of Metal Edge and distributed internationally this September '08.

They will also have editorial coverage on METALEDGEMAG.COM - Metal Edge

"Revolver October '08"

Revolver's new Meet & Greet site.
Meet the hottest new bands in metal today. Download tracks, read bios & catch up with some great new metal.

The Burn & Cry has taken the #2 spot. - Revolver Magazine


The Burn & Cry - Self Titled - Released 2007



- The Burn & Cry have just released their highly anticipated first video, “Faith Molester.”

- The B&C's music is being featured on Headbanger's Ball, MTV2's Rock Block, Sirius Octane, Talking Metal, Reverbnation, Metal Messiah Radio, Hollywood Music TV and MetalHeadRadio, as well as many more.

- The lead singer has been the voice of Headbanger's Ball for the past 5 years.

- The B&C was recently interviewed by Jose on Sirius Hard Attack.

- The B&C were recent winners of Metal Edge's Does Your Band Suck contest.
They have a track on Metal Edge magazine's CD Sampler, which was bundled in over 100,000 issues of Metal Edge and distributed internationally this September '08. They will also have editorial coverage on METALEDGEMAG.COM

- The B&C is currently being featured on,

The Burn & Cry bases itself on the Alchemical Theory of the Union of Opposites. In fact, the name Burn & Cry
is a verb play on a pair of opposites, Fire and Water.

Born in the crucible of NYC, the Burn & Cry’s basic elements began with musical chemistry. Mike Marco had to start a metal band. Quickly spawning a handful of deep groove oriented songs with the rhythm section of Eric Eckelman and Kevin Mackall, who were already tightly conjoined as a working drum and bass unit, they completed the quaternity with the addition of guitar virtuoso Pancho Garza.

Thus evolved the Burn & Cry. The four members each embody distinct ingredients of the Burn & Cry elixir. Metal, Punk, Hard Rock, Thrash, Jazz, Reggae and Hip Hop spanning a couple of decades of influence and all finding confluence in the Burn & Cry music.

- Venues Played: CBGB’s, Knitting Factory, the Continental, R&R, Snitch, Crash Mansion, Fontana’s,
Arlene’s Grocery, Don Hills, B.B. Kings NYC, Delancey Lounge, The Emergency Room (Las Vegas)
Two time award winner of MTV’s talent show.