the Burners

the Burners


Band Interests at the moment it’s: armpit licking, real men on high heels, World Domination (of course), Tering HeRRie!!!!!!! [=noise], Grill rooms, 3 white XXX's on a red base, eminent January frost-bites, alcohol, ladders, slutty sluts, Guitarists, leather suits, 'lekker, broodje bal', creeping out, uhm..Sex? anyone? Parking 2-wheelers, *, pink tanks, .....

but who knows, tommorow might be
a different story


This band, of 6 goes by the name; the Burners. All members have an extensive background in diverse areas of Music. You could not pin The Burners down to one single genre, the core is in the delivery of the music with burning desires on the edge. Every member of the band brings separate flavours to the sound; blues rock schematics wash in with punk that hits with break-beats and crosses over into surf-pop but then waits you up with something deep. It’s a climax geared-up to happen.

The basic elements of the band are Drums & Bass [& Guitar]all lined with Electronics; nothing new. But though the musicians are skilled, the songs themselves are easy, catchy to the ear. By the end of the song you can sing the song along. This contrast between simplicity and skill creates a tension between predictability and surprise and so performers and crowd form a bond fairly quickly that invites openness but also offers stimulation.

Vocals: Amina aka A*Typical, LaLaLa & Care
Bass: David Beukers
Drum: Edgar Post/ Peter v/d/ Slikke
MPC: Bartholomeus
Soundengine: Audiobrand

Current Location


!sth release out by 10th of November 2012

Set List

Snow Falls
The drive
Bang Bang
Lost Me
Walk all over me