The Burning Angels

The Burning Angels

 Athens, Georgia, USA

The Burning Angels is a band that completely embraces americana soul. Every performance is electric and complete with an organic sound like no other.


Formed in 2009 from incredible artists in the Athens music community, the band has been steadily increasing it's fanbase throughout the South and beyond.

TBA has opened and performed with national acts such as The Whigs, members of The Drive By Truckers and Widespread Panic. Outstanding regional acts that TBA have performed with are Bloodkin, Betsy Franck & The Bareknuckle Band, LIONZ, Dodd Ferrelle, Boo Ray and The Lefty Hathaway Band.

In Early 2010, Mark Cunningham of The Burning Angels entered the acclaimed Chase Park Transduction for his solo effort, Desolation Row. The Album features John Neff (The Drive By Truckers) and produced and recorded by Athens, GA icon Asa Leffer. Since that time, Cunningham has formed The Nationals which is a unique "punk country" group with a driving sound

The Burning Angels worked with legendary producer, John Keane (R.E.M & Widespread Panic), on their debut album, "The Burning Angels", which was released in 2011.

"Love & 20 Pesos" was recorded, engineered and produced by Bronson Tew, Mark Cunningham and Andrew Vickery. The sound of the band evolved into a strong and edgy americana sound.


EP-Love & Sin

CD (Spring 2011) The Burning Angels--recorded by John Keane at John Keane Studios, Athens, GA (REM, Widespread Panic)

Desolation Row (Mark Cunningam) 2010--Chase Park Transductions--Desolation Row Records Label

The Dimestore Redemption (Mark Cunningham)-Steady Roller Music 2011

Set List

Our typical set list is 8-10 songs if on bill with another band.

Love Suicide
Last Picture Show
See How We Are
Beside Me
Dirty Angel
Long Way From Here
High Wire
Blood Moon
Nazareth Song
St. Ignatius
Bells of Saint Ago
Bill Martin
Love & Sin
On New Years Day

We do covers and those covers are southern rock, folk, old country, blues and alt-rock influenced.

Dead Flowers
Queen Jane Approximately
Stay With Me
Can't You See