the burning down

the burning down


What happens when you mix the strings and sings from a hard rock metal with the motown groove? You get THE BURNING DOWN. Detroits answer to the lacking hard rock scene.


The norm for a band when it breaks up is you all go your separate ways and go on with life. The creative flame in a true musician never burns out.

After DC's previous bands Leaderdogs and 222 dissolved, DC began writing material and recording at home. After failing to assemble a live unit for a while DC re-united with long time friend Jaq to handle some of the guitars on his new studio venture. Jaq layed in waiting for the right time to brush the dust off and get back work.

After a show at Detroits SHELTER, Drakes previous band parted ways. Time passed, and Drake was on his way into retirement when summoned across the street to meet his new neighbors, DC and his wife Jennifer.

Shortly afterwards. Drock came into the picture. After severl auditions and a couple sessions later Drock has become a full time member of the band. Altough he spends his time with other projects he has made arrangements to contribute.

Each member bring something different to the table. Probably due to the fact that each member comes from differnt backgroungs. Currently TBD is in the process of finish there first full length CD in DCs home studio, no title released yet.


A full length CD is in the works, with the full band in place it should not take long. A MYSPACE page is being constructed along with an updated GARAGEBAND page( new name and updated songs).

Set List

A typical set for TBD is 45 to 60 minutes depending on venue, slot time and response. There a cover or two that are not regularly played, but have been known to slip into set. On the rare occasion we will improvise for the crowd. Set lists are not made until show time.