The Burning Primitive

The Burning Primitive


TBP is Hard Rock with attitude, skill and lasting songs. American Rock played by Danes. An earcatching version of how rock should be in 2004. Ballsy, energetic, catchy and with enough top 10 hits to last a lifetime.


The Burning Primitive is a Danish Hard Rock band formed in 1993 by two friends, Chris Oliver. (Vocals/Bass) and Michael Grausen (Guitar), and later joined by Jacob E. Lundgaard (guitar) and eventually Morten Eriksen (Drums). Fuelled by the Seattle rock wave, the guys reached their first primal insights in various groups before turning ‘primitive’ in 94’. The band’s hard edged, although, melodious sonic expression situates them firmly in the alternative grain.

With the release of their first demo tape, things began to take off for T.B.P.. Denmark’s most prominent music magazine GAFFA praised the band highly for its attempt to break new ground. Coinciding with the increased attention, Jacob joined the band. Being somewhat a wizard of noise, his guitar playing introduced an element of weedy lo-fi freakishness into T.B.P.’s soundscape.

The release of a four-song demo CD in 1997 once again triggered an enthusiastic review from GAFFA, motivating the band to look seriously for a record deal. This search was not without difficulties, but reached its conclusion when T.B.P. was signed by the Aarhus based indie label Martian Records in 1998. With Tue Madsen in the producer chair, material recorded in early 98’, at the Borsing Recording Studio, resulted in the band’s first album: …another dead disco dancer (released in November 98’). The album was well received, and led to extensive touring which culminated with the Spot 05 Venue music festival where radio coverage by the Danish National Radio captured T.B.P. live and burning

1999 brought Morten into the primitive fold. In order to thoroughly integrate the new primitive, the band found it necessary to break the young drummer into the rituals and routines of the dedicated cave musician. Consequently, band and equipment traveled north – deep into enemy territory: the dark forests of Sweden.

There, in the wilderness, they transformed the then innocent Morten into his present state as a mean, lean, pre-historic drumming machine, a.k.a. the Chrome Magnum drummer. The sonic brain-wash of Morten helped him to trace his inner burning, and cleared the path for the band’s aim to record new demo material which, subsequently, took place in a desolate farm house.

The back-to-basic’s process when testing and recording new songs proved successful, and came to serve as the preparatory stage for the band’s second studio album: Do you think it is safe?

The Burning Primitive has just recorded their third album. The process took place at the EMI/Medly Studios and the Feedback Studios in Denmark with Rune Westberg as the fifth member and producer. The band recorded 11 great hard rocking tracks

TBP are influenced by Helmet, Tool, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, Faith No More, Queens Of The Stone Age.


Ep - Green - 1997
CD - Another Dead Discodancer - 1998
CD - Do You Think It´s Safe? - 2000
Track Of The Day - 18.07.04 -
Track Of The Week - 02.08.04 -
With the song 'She Loves Noone'
Track Of The Week - 30.08.04 -
With the song 'Deep Down'

Set List

You Call My Name
Ricochet Bleeders
Yeah- Come On Again
She Loves Noone
The Morning After
Deep Down

Set length: from 30 - 115 minutes.