The Burning State

The Burning State

 Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

An energetic, progressive, melodic, catchy, and original three piece rock band.


The Burning State started in 2006 as a coffee house acoustic band with only two members. When Devon Leighty joined Mike Musson and Jay DeLorenzo in December of 2006 he brought his drums, and a whole new dynamic to the band. Mike moved from secondary guitar to bass and the boys plugged in.

The trio began writing music with a like mind. Tired of hearing the same cookie cutter rock and roll on the radio, The Burning State set out to write original music that would raise the low standard set for rock music and inspire those who listened. The result has been a growing catalog of progressive, catchy, melodic, and sometimes heavy rock songs that appeal to every genre of music listener. They also attacked their live shows with the same passionate zeal which has given The Burning State a reputation for energetic and fun live shows for all ages.

In 2007 the band recorded their first full length album titled "From Out Of The Ashes". The album was met with much excitement and began selling quickly. The second track on the album titled "Be Still" received airtime on local radio station 105.7 The X. In 2011 the band got busy writing new material for a new album to be recorded in 2012. With tight rhythms, guitar riffs that stay with you for days, and emotive vocals that leave you wanting more The Burning State is a rock and roll force to be reckoned with.


"From Out Of The Ashes" - LP 2007
"Be Still" - Single relased to local radio