Burnsville Band

Burnsville Band

 San Diego, California, USA

The Burnsville Band is one of San Diego’s favorite, meat-on-the-bones blues bands featuring blistering guitars, soulful vocals, and smoking keyboards. Mixing the eclectic styles of electric Texas blues/rock, and acoustic Delta blues, the Burnsville Band is making waves on the strength of their outstanding musicianship and their unique sound.


The Burnsville Band has emerged into the local blues scene as a powerful Blues/Rock band, featuring some of the most talented musicians around. Fronted by Filipino singer and guitarist, Joe Bernal, the Burnsville Band has a sound like no other band. Steven Burns, the lead guitarist, delivers a solid, tasty mixture of guitar riffs that shows his roots in blues and rock. Michael McGinty, on keyboards, is undeniably one of the most talented keyboard players on the scene today who adds a lot of “the fire” to this smoking-hot band. Joseph Hager, on drums, provides that tight-pocket rhythm which is the backbone for the meat-on-the-bone tempos. Dave Seely, on bass, is an old-school, solid musican that also sings sweet backing vocals. More than stellar musicians, this band-of-brothers constantly injects fun, wit, and humor into their show that makes the whole experience even more entertaining to the audience.

That chemistry between the Burnsville Band has been the driving force behind their dynamic and memorable live shows. One of their first appearances was at BLUSD’s regional International Blues Challenge 2007. As Joe Bernal said when he took the microphone “From the garage to the Belly Up, we are here to knock your socks off.” That performance gave them instant recognition as a solid blues band on a mission and people took notice. They began performing at the top clubs in San Diego including a regular Saturday night gig at the House of Blues along with standing gigs at Patricks II and Humphrey’s Back Stage Lounge. Plus in 2009, they competed in the finals of BLUSD’s regional International Blues Challenge and took 3rd place beating out several great, bands with their fervor. And it could be heard throughout the crowd, “The Burnsville Band rocked the house, but where did they come from?”

It was after returning from his honeymoon, aboard the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise in October 2006, that Steve Burns formed the Burnsville Band. While on the Blues Cruise, Steve confirmed that could hold his own on the guitar and he was motivated by conversations with Chris Duarte, Larry McCray, Tommy Castro, and Smokin Joe Kubek to follow his dream. For the first year, Steve focused on refining the Burnsville Band’s distinct sound and style. The defining moment was when Joe Bernal joined the band. It was fate. Not only do Steve Burns and Joe Bernal’s guitar styles perfectly sink into a groove, no matter if they are playing their strats or their acoustics, but both performers have personal histories of the same tragedy that few men share. That sorrow binds them as brothers for life. But that’s what has earned them the right to sing the blues and boy do they. The chemistry between them adds fuel to their songwriting and zeal to their performances. The parallel stories, of these two musicians can be heard in their originals on their debut CD “Give Me A Job” which is captivating audiences far and wide.

The Burnsville Band has successfully carved a niche with their unique sound and their spirited, soulful approach. Now after four years, of securing the best venues, their fan base has grown quickly to a large following. It was the fans that were clamoring for the release of the first album. Now the wait is over! Their debut CD “Give Me A Job” has been released on Double Barrel Records, in May 2010.


"Give Me a Job" on the Double Barrel Records label, released May 2010 was nominated for a San Diego Music Award's Best Blues CD.