The Bush Technologists

The Bush Technologists


We are seven musicians from four countries and two continents who PUSH musical and cultural boundaries to create EXTREME fantastic fusions that beat with an African heart, Celtic core and UK pulse. Our music speaks louder than these words.


They started in a UK basement - three musicians, two guitars, a mountain of drums and a shared passion to make music beyond the mainstream. So they chilled, composed created. Rehearsed and recharged. And as summer turned to Autumn they moved out of the basement, three became seven, African bush instruments teamed up with bagpipes, bass, kit, guitar,marimba and mbiras. The Bush Technologists were born.

Musically, they are a raw mix of musical traditions who weave home made, primeval instruments and sounds with spitting rap lyrics and solid Celtic reels pushing musical boundaries.

Using an assortment of African bush instruments ( ngoni, mouthbow, zenze, marimba ) and solid basslines they have created a unique root of 'bush and bass' that is layered with rap, reels and solid Shangaan beats.

Every band member brings their own musical and cultural DNA. Every instrument brings a journey of rhythm where bagpipes meet baked bean tin guitar, rap lyrics roll with zulu chants, traditional reels fuse with township jazz and drum 'n bass.

The Bush Technologists have a solid identity that celebrates the universal rhythm of life through the power of music.

Performances include the Arts Alive Festival in Jo'burg and countless UK and international stages.

Rehearsals are underway for a winter tour and their second CD.

The Bush Technologists are determined to take their musical DNA beyond the shores of the UK and perform throughout the world.


Paddy Reggae

Written By: Shrapnel

We gotta stay healthy
Work and be ourselves
And if you're feeling down
Then I'll be here to help
To support like a belt
And when we are all unified
Then i can see the future's bright
I'll look into your eyes
And see that you are new inside
Cos togetherness is better than separation
Wakayenda Wakayenda

We gain knowledge from learning
Ideas and beliefs
From here to the East
Find a space
Move your feet
Cos we are all friends
Buddy's Amigo's
The love keeps going and growing
Till we all all open to others
Sisters, brothers,mothers kids and fathers
I wanna share laughter
Be tender

Give a shoulder to lean on
Be bold and be strong
Kindness isn't weakness
So be nice
And you'll receive it
Love will overpower
Leave you clean
Like soap and shower
When you approach your hour
I hope you're proud of what you done in life
And if there was mistakes
Everyone has done something right
Concentrate on that
The stuff that made you happy
Concentrate on family
Be as good a friend as you can be
Take big steps to live let live
Keep your head up
But don't let it get big.


The Bush Technologists LP
Radio airplay on BBC 3 Counties radio and BBC radio Gloucestershire.