The Business End

The Business End

 San Francisco, California, USA

"...when Green Day’s Dookie came out it was like a second chance for the Ramones T-shirt wearing, PBR swilling, Chuck Taylor walking aficionados who missed the punk heyday... if you missed Green Day’s grand entrance, keep watching the door because The Business End is coming through it next.."


The Business End is a punk rock foursome celebrated in the SF Bay Area for their fast, well-crafted songs about everything from venereal disease to the dangers of religion. They deliver a sound often described as "tight", "witty" and "boisterous". Much more than three chord songs, TBE pulls from its members' varied musical influences and histories to form what becomes a thought provoking, good time had by all.


"Nice Marmot" Releases Summer 2012!!

Recorded with Joe Johnston at the Pus Cavern. Produced by The Business End

"The Living Room Demo" 2006

3 songs recorded in a living room.

"The House of Faith Demo" 2007

Engineered by Bart Thurber, Produced by Bart Thurber and The Business End, Mastered by Myles Boisen at House of Faith Recording Studios in Oakland, CA

"Die Alone" 2007

Recorded at the Pus Cavern with Joe Johnston (Cake, Econoline Crush, She Wants Revenge, Hoobastank...).

"Vulgar Display of Lauer" (Demo) 2011

Recorded in 2 days at Silly Scotsman Studios in Windsor, CA

Set List

Typical sets are 45 mins to an hour. Any longer than that and people's minds start to blow. Literally. And there's NO WAY we're gonna clean that shit up again.

Covers: We like playing songs by these bands and more:

Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, NOFX, Fugazi, Primus, Black Sabbath and yes, even Toto.