The Buttermilk Gang

The Buttermilk Gang

 Cassville, Missouri, USA

Bock band from Cassville, Missouri. 5 members, some classify music as progressive hard rock. Inventive, passionate, original music. here to stay and go as far as the horizons allow


In 2006 Nick Colf and Jeremy Krause began exchanging ideals on music, lies, funny stories, oh and lots of beer. This laugh fest became a weekly event where the idea of the band was formed. They began recording these new idea tracks in the fish farm storage room, soon realizing they were onto something new and exciting they recruited Marshall Richards as a session drummer but, he shortly became a fulltime member.

They put together a cd called "Independent Discovery" in 2007 but never released it. Later that year there was a long period of despondence and collapse of momentum. In 2008 Nick bought some beer and invited Jeremy over, and thus The Buttermilk was reborn, over a period of 2 years they regained Marshall, and new members Jerika Stewart and Blake Hilburn aka (Blakanus Hilburnus) were thrown into the mix.

After completing the cd "Buying Time By The Bottle" in 2010 and going public with the band, The Buttermilk Gang was gaining momentum and turning heads in every venue. Now working on their new cd "A Hopeless Alibi For The Discontent Heart" the band has established a sound that sets them apart from others with roots going deep in to the folk, blues, metal, progressive rock, and indie generes to create a breed of rock that is the Buttermilk Gang.


Buying Time By The Bottle 2010

Set List

can play for 1-3 hrs mostly originals, only a couple covers