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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



Here is a review done by Duffy who wants to be a music journalist, and also owns/manages the clothing company that does our shirts.

The first time I heard this ep, ‘Pork Pie’, I was abit dubious, as I’d never even heard of the band until then.

Track 1 – Going outta my mind

Ok, so the name sounds abit Kylie Minogue-ish. Thank god this has nothing in common with her music. The vocals in this band are what its riding on, as they are very distinct and catchy…which is slightly odd for vocals. The shirt instrumental bits at the beginning really get the song going, and it has a Beach Boys/Nirvana/Old School music feel to it, and it truly gets your feet tapping. My favourite track on this cd.

Track 2 –Coming Down

It’s a little disappointing after hearing the first track, but that’s a hard track to beat. The guitar in this song is truly amazing, it’s very psychedelic and really draws you into the song. This song is something I’d expect to hear on the beatles – ‘Sergeant Pepper’ album. It’s put together well, and it entertains well.

Track 3 – Crazy

This track is the catchiest, in a retro punk/rock sense. The drums fit in well with the guitar, and neither overpower each other. Although the instruments are good, I feel the vocals lack abit on this track, with the ‘Cooking up a storm’ lines being slightly disappointing, and the vocals don’t sound as strong as the first two tracks.

Altogether it’s a very good ep, and Id defiantly recommend you to buy it. Its very old school rock, which makes a refreshing change from the music most bands are churning out, which can get abit repetitive. All through this CD they keep their fresh style coming through and surprise you with amazing instruments and great vocals. The Buzz should feel very proud, keep up the good work lads!

This is what scot had to say about the first track - Goin outta my mind

I hate to start of on a bad note but i really dislike songs which go straight into singing without an intro, some people might like it that way but im not so keen. Apart from that i cant say one bad thing bout the song, catchy lyrics and well cool to dance like an arse to. Also, whoever is on vocals deserves are damn good snog because its so fast, punk and all round good it gives me goosebumps.

Whereas Tony Gale had this to say -

Listening to this EP was a little odd for me at first. In a good way, of course. It swings mostly between the vocal stylings of the White Stripes and the Hives, creating an interesting, funky style that comes out completely fresh. Hell, I've been trying to fit them into a genre, just for some kind of easier way of defining their style, but can't find anything that seems totally appropriate. Even my vocal comparison with the White Stripes and the Hives fails when they slide into more punky territory. Not that this is a bad thing - it really works for them, and I can't imagine anyone not liking this Ep.

From the second that first track, "Goin Outa My Mind" kicks in with it's seemingly rock-and-roll inspired riff, you just want to move. Your feet start tapping instinctively, and I can easily see this song becoming a hit. My one criticism is its length - at a mere 1.25 long, it seems like it stops before it really develops, which is a shame. It's just dying to explode into a full on anthem, but never quite makes it.

The other two tracks, "Comin Down" and "Crazy" seem like they could be bled together with a bit of effort, which is a nice touch, and a good way to end the EP. They both have a good happy-go-lucky feeling backed up with everything working together perfectly to form two superb tracks that not only compliment each other excellently, but sound great on their own as well.

After listening to this Ep a good number of times, I've gotta say I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Hell, I still am. The Buzz have created something here that is simultaneously original and catchy, but unfortunately is perhaps just a bit too short, overall. It is reminiscent of a starter or an appetiser - something ridiculously tasty you have before the main meal, which is bound to be phenomenal. I just can't wait to see what's up the Buzz's collective sleeve; they definitely show a lot of promise. If their next effort is as good as this one, they could well make it into the big time!

- buzz times

"demo doctor"

This is from the 'Demo Doctor' of BBC Stoke:
Demo Doctor is here to cure all your musical ailments! The Buzz, what an interesting litle group. I like the name, I personally would have chosen The Fuzz cos it works on SOOOOOO many levels....

Goin Outta My Mind is an excellent rock'n'roll punk number, short and sharp, in the way that all the best punk tracks are, with a great fuzzy, big muff style guitar sound [stop your sniggering, i know what im talking about]
Comin Down is another good'un, I liked the dual guitar work, and the track seemed quite familiar but still very enjoyable. The only thing I'd have to say was that I'd have expected a song about coming down to have sounded somewhat more like the kind of thing Alice In Chains did best, that however is a minor little quibble and somewhat irrelevant in the context of this demo.
Crazy is traditional punk, the kind of thing you'd expect to see a lot of at the Holidays in the Sun punk festivals. I liked the little bit of studio dialogue at the end,it was very Oi.
Overall I'd really like the drums to have been a bit more prominent, I like a meaty drum sound driving a band, and the bass to be a bit thicker but not overpowering. The guys have been signed up to Riff Raff records and are going to record a new album shortly, so keep an ear out for them,and expect more of them soon - bbc stoke


A 3 track demo called pork pie and a 10 track demo called cooking up a storm


Feeling a bit camera shy


the music in the buzzes opinion is a mixture between indie with balls lathered with punk influences with a modern day twang. The buzz started life in 2004 and started playing in small pubs and then going to larger venues. The Vic inn in Derby uk is like the cavern was to the Beatles we love playing there because we get a really excellent crowd in. We play original stuff but add some covers, we play White Stripes, Feeder and Kings of Leon.