The Buzzkills

The Buzzkills


Eclectic blend of old school rock and roll, progressive and modern alternative. The Buzzkills have steadily made a name through the Mid-West as one of the most energized and entertaining live acts around through constant gigging (over 100 shows this year) and constantly evolving setlists!


Formed in early 2007 in Bloomington, Indiana, the Buzzkills barely resemble their first incarnation as an unheard of hard rock side project. Today The Buzzkills are fast becoming a staple of the mid-west music scene. With a wide array of influences from jazz to metalcore, the group manages to blend the sound of the great classics with modern rock and progressive music.

"There's definitely an interesting mix of influences within the group", according to drummer Matt Schory, " the common factor is that we all sort of started in the same place; with bands like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Our music comes from that base and then we inject of our own personal musical tastes.”

The core of the Buzzkills’ sound comes from the writing of John Weston and Kyle Gilpin. When asked about the bands writing process Weston explains, “Every song is a bit different. Sometimes Kyle or I will have a nearly finished song and everyone will add their own personal touch. More and more a song will start out as a basic idea like a melody or an idea for a cool chorus and everyone will just throw around stuff from there.”

The material on the bands upcoming release, a self titled E.P., is a mix of material from Weston, Gilpin and the group as a whole. According to Gilpin, “We all really tried to put our own personal stamp on this album but still retain a level of continuity from song to song. Each song has its own unique personality but still maintains a consistent sound throughout the album.

”Most of the material from the new album was written during the late spring and summer of 2009 after a brief period of heavy gigging.

The band certainly has come a long way since 2007. In only nine months (Weston officially joined up in October of 2007) the group became one of the premier groups in Bloomington and moved up to headlining spots at the legendary Bluebird Nightclub. Not only have they managed to create a buzz in Bloomington; they have been able to take it all over Indiana with regular rotations in Indianapolis, Terre Haute, and Ft. Wayne as well as Chicago and several surrounding suburbs and college towns.

The Buzzkills have built their reputation around their high-energy and engaging live shows. Aside from the original music, the group also has a huge repertoire of classic rock covers. “We love playing them”, says Weston, “It’s fun music to listen to and it’s even more fun to play.” It certainly looks like fun. One thing is for sure about this band; they definitely look like they enjoy what they do.

Schory explains “We all love what we do and I think it shows. This is what we would all be doing on a Saturday night anyways—drinking beer and playing great music. It’s even better when other people can enjoy it too. I can’t really think of anything I’d rather be doing. Well at least with my pants on.”


Which Way Is Down (2008)
1. Room Key
2. Aww Honey
3. Get It Out Of Your Head
4. Once I Get Started
5. Stick To Tonight
6. Dreamer
7. Shacker Song
8. My Soul
9. Destined To Lose
10. Southern Stars

The Bluebird E.P.
1. What It Is
2. Where We Goin'
3. I Can't Stay
4. Headache
5. And You're Crying
6. I'm Not There
7. Elevation

Set List

Our Originals Include:
1. 227
2. Once I Get Started
3. Oh Girl
4. Ah Honey
5. Destin to lose
6. Dreamer
7. Get It Out of Your Head
8. My Soul
9. Stick to Tonight
10. Southern Stars
11. The Shacker Song
12. Room Key Baby
13. Where Are We Goin?
14. What It Is
15. Elevation
16. I Can't Stay
17. What It Is
18. Where We Goin'
19. I Can't Stay
20. And You're Crying
21.I'm Not There
22. Elevation

The versatility of the Buzzkills repertoire allows them to play to any type of setting whether it be a short set of originals at an indie club or a full night of covers at bigger nightclubs. Sets generally consist of a mix of originals and classic rock covers from the bands 90= song repertoire

Cover repertoire includes
Led Zeppelin
Rock and roll
Immigrant Song
Moby Dick
Bring it on Home
Good Times Bad Times
Rolling Stones
Miss You
Jumping Jack Flash
Honky Tonk Woman
Allman Brothers
Midnight Rider
Ramblin Man