The Buzz Trouts

The Buzz Trouts


Tight Harmonies, solid grooves, guitar rock. Unafraid to tackle any genre these guys play what ever style seems to suit the song!


The Buzz Trouts, based in Regina and Zehner, Saskatchewan, consists of the writing/guitar/vocal duo of Dave Fries and Brad Uhrich. Joined by seminal Regina drummer Robb Homenuk and bassist Patrick Andrews, the Buzz Trouts spent over a year recording their new indie released album "Pickles from India?". Buzz Trout Dave Fries produced the band at his renowned Ze Studio (where legions of top area artists have recorded - Morgan Mayer, David j. Taylor, Geronimo, Johnny Hatch). ‘Pickles From India?’ was released in November and is now available internationally via iTunes, Napster, and CD Baby. With solid guitar playing, dual vocal stylings and tight grooves, the Buzz Trout sound is infectious and the listener is never really sure what genre or time signature they might hear next. On their sophomore album the band has moved toward a harder sound on some songs, along with some serious lyrical topics. With music styles drawn from rock, ska, reggae, funk, blues and even alt country, these Trouts have their own catchy hooks!

The Buzz Trouts debut album "Don’t Pee in the Pool" received regional airplay and received multiple placements on international TV shows such as “MythQuest” and “2030 CE” which emboldened the band to record the new CD.


Jan 8 2008 "Does It Matter Anyway" released nationally to 90 rock stations across Canada!

November 2007 sophomore album "Pickles from India?"released.

Mar 1997 debut album "Don't Pee In The Pool" released

Set List

over 35 original songs and more coming!

Covers we like to do occasionally,
Message In A Bottle-The Police
Werewolves of London-David Lindley
Can't Get There from Here -R.E.M.
Psycho Killer- Talking Heads
Waterline- Dire Straights
Tears of a Clown-The English Beat
Dreadlock Holiday-10cc
Johnny B.Goode-Peter Tosh