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The Byrds Collective

Burbank, California, United States | SELF

Burbank, California, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Rusty's Surf Ranch - 3/25/2010"

The guys have pretty much got their act together and when they're all in synch, it sounds pretty good...In short, the Collective are good, but almost too polite in their performance..........

The vocals were all good, if also a bit quiet. Mark Miraglia (McGuinn), Ken Hearn (Clark) and Dave Michaels ("the Croz") all sing competent leads and have the two- and three-part harmonies down. Pat Hayes (bass) and the redoubtable Stephen J. Arti (the continuity link between SoCal's two legendary Byrds tribute bands, the other being Andrew Gold's Byrds of a Feather a few years back) were a knowledgeable and professional rhythm section.

Miraglia's 12-string playing was good, accurately capturing the style and feel of McGuinn's original approach. When he took leads, however, his volume pedal let him down and they didn't penetrate very well. The same for Michaels, whose brave interpretation of "Eight Miles High's" jazz leads was even less audible. Almost inaudible. Hearn and Michaels usually played rhythm and memorably joined Miraglia playing Rick 12s for "Eight" and "Turn!" That was a memorable sight: a blonde, a black and and a red, all working at once.

JB - The Byrdsmaniaxlist - Byrdsmaniaxlist

"The Coffee Gallery Backstage - 9/21/2010"

Great show last night at The Coffee Gallery Backstage. Wonderful selection of songs. These guys really nailed it.
Drummer was incredible. Try to catch one of their shows this week, it's a great experience.

- R.C. from the Rick Resource Forum. - Rickenbacker Resource

"The Cellar In Long Beach - 9/21/2010"

And the Byrds Collective did a string of several Gene Clark numbers mid way through their first set, which was appreciated very much by the audience and was a fitting tribute to a very talented member of the original Byrds !!!

A very good evening - thanks to the BC ! Looking forward to a few of the Collectivists sitting in with us at SCARF in a few weeks !

- Rich Ferguson - Rickenbacker Resource

"Get A Past Flash With The Byrds Collective"

Whether it was their folk, country or psychedelic rock, many of us can claim a connection to The Byrds. The group's lyrics linger on our lips; the grooves ring out as muzak in the elevator; their songs are used in the background of films and TV shows. When we hear the band's music, we are instantly back to the time and the place where we first heard these timeless tunes. On Tuesday, you can experience the band live in the form of a tribute band, The Byrds Collective, at the Coffee Gallery Backstage. - Pasadena Star News

"Here are what our fans our saying..."

Derek Lindley

Hope to see you here in our local(s) soon !!Are you coming to UK??

Letesz Sudak

Byrds you make most fun.Like first ones.I like TURN TURN TURN.
Letesz from Poland

Steve Shaevel
Woodland Hills, CA:

Good stuff! Love the Byrd Crap link!
Very professional and beautiful.
Keep up the good work!

Sheri Sato
Burbank, CA:
Wow!!! You guys look awesome!! Sound soooo Good!! Can't wait to see you guys!!

Tim Waldner
Riverside, Ca:

Listening to your music almost makes me want to put on some old bell bottoms and
burn some incense.Well done me

Mark Telfer
Southport, Merseyside:

"Have You Seen Her Face" is currently on repeat, at full volume, across the Mersey. You guys can invade Britain anytime!

Highland, CA:
Good luck on your show at the Cellar boys. The recordings sound really good. - The Byrds Collective


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See a quick video of The Byrds Collective.

The Byrds Collective, a five-man band of veteran Los Angeles-area musicians and singers, share a collective passion for the music of The Byrds, the first and greatest folk-rock group of the 1960s and the originator of the “L.A. Sound” that dominated popular music for decades. In addition to playing Byrds’ classics with amazing fidelity to the originals, the Byrds Collective gives a multimedia show that immerses the audience in the heady days of the mid 1960s.

It was an era of incredible innovation and creativity in popular music and in our whole culture. said Dave Michaels, who portrays singer-guitarist David Crosby in the Collective. Along with the Beatles, the Byrds were one of the driving forces of that era. Those heavenly harmonies, that jangly guitar and those fantastic songs sound just as fresh and vital today as when they were first created.

Besides Michaels, the Collective includes Mark Miraglia, who portrays the Jim / Roger McGuinn role and plays the signature Rickenbacker 12-string guitar so vital to the Byrds’ sound; Ken Hearn, who portrays the soulful singer-composer Gene Clark; Pat Hayes, who fills the shoes of the innovative bassist Chris Hillman; and drummer David Denk, who drives the band with the snap and verve of Michael Clarke. All are veterans of the Southern California music scene (see attached band member bios). We’re not the typical tribute band in that we don’t try to exactly copy the look of our counterparts. Miraglia said. But we do try to evoke the Byrds and the times in our dress, our overall manner, and above all in our playing and singing. We use the original instruments and amps to recapture that classic mid-60s sound.

The original Byrds were trailblazers in three distinct pop music genres – Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock and Country Rock, and the Collective covers each phase of their varied career. Set One covers the Byrds’ Folk Rock years of 1965 to early ’66, including their smash hit debut “Mr. Tambourine Man” and the timeless classic “Turn! Turn! Turn!” Set Two covers the Psychedelic era of 1967-68 as captured in the cutting-edge “Eight Miles High” and the satirical “So You Wanna Be A Rock ‘n’ Roll Star?” The third set covers the Byrd’s country-rock years of 1968-1973, including “Ballad of Easy Rider” and “Hickory Wind.” A final set includes songs by more recent artists who were heavily influenced by the Byrds, including Tom Petty and R.E.M. The Collective also uses video, lighting and sound effects to recreate Los Angeles in the swinging ‘60s.

The Byrds Collective is perfectly suited to performances at medium to large clubs, county fairs and festivals, 60s theme weddings, parties and corporate events, and school assemblies. We enjoy playing for schools in the Los Angeles area. Hayes noted. Our show is pure entertainment, but it’s also educational —we show how the Byrds helped make L.A. the center of the pop music universe.

For more information on The Byrds Collective, visit their website at

For bookings and rates, contact:

Pat Hayes
(213) 364-0030