The Cable Company

The Cable Company


The Cable Company is an original rock and roll band from Nashville, TN. Sharp songwriting, clever lyrics, good musicianship, and a sense of humor are our tools....and we are getting pretty good with them.


The Cable Company was formed in 2007 from the leftover rubble of the Nashville Indie Label, Black Label Empire. Members have performed in former acts such as Communist, Ultra Vulgar, Andy Bodean and the Bottom Boys, Dr. Dook, and other bands you may have never heard. The Cable Company are fans of Rock and Roll's rich history, and many influences can be found in their songs. Whether the subject is suicide (Beached Whale), learning to walk away (Long Vacation), or even sweet songs about Elephants, hints of The Beatles, Ween, REM, and many other bands of the past can be found in their writing and sound. The Cable Company is currently working on their first album with Waterworks Entertainment in East Nashville, and have played regionally in Tennessee and Kentucky, perfecting their exceptional live show.


currently recording first album, tentatively titled "Syndication"

Set List

Our original songs to date:
Beached Whale
Steve Bracken
Sincerely, Your Dead
Big Wet Kiss
Sermon and Stone
The Lonesome Caribbean Captain
A Month of Sundays
Long Vacation
The Elephant Song
Should've Bought You Flowers

COVERS: We may play only one or two covers per set
The Grobe (Ween)
The Stallion Pt. 3 (Ween)
The Glory of Love (P. Cetera)
Heart and Soul (Huey Lewis)