The Cades

The Cades


Feel good catchy music that you can get your teeth into. Nobody leaves a Cades gig without stains of arm pit sweat on show that are visable to all.


Fresh from this years Oxegen festival The Cades are a combination of four friends from tallaght who got together from other bands and projects. With mutual love's for bands such as The beatles, The group, The kinks, The strokes, Oasis, Love, The sex pistols and ocean colour scene. The cades have found a sound that has become a signature to their upbringings,social lives and a soundtrack to their generation. Writing songs about drunken adventures on dame street to characters that only exist in their heads The Cades have managed to touch people with their catchy melodies and unique sound. Since forming in Feb 07' The band have since shared stages with bands such as The Enemy, Rooney and republic of loose. Also selling out venue's such around Ireland the bands now legendery live show is one of the most sought after in the country.


Songs in mime - May 07

-Change your ways
-Kinky Milinki
-Beauty Queen

Song in mime PART II - July 07

-Calling out her name
-Vacant Eyes
-By the sea
-Virgin MAry

Thurlow Sessions - Feb 08

-Bonnie Doesnt quite like Clyde
-Smile with a lazy eye
-The Beatles girls
-Thank you miss
-We all run out of air