the Caesarz

the Caesarz


The Caesarz are party starters and vibe providers, we rock out on any occassion from 5 to 5000 you will always get a show.


The Caesarz began when producer/vocalist Kokayi decided that he wanted to record a progressive electric/punk rock album to pitch to rock bands. As a singer/songwriter/emcee he wanted to bring his hip hop sensibilities to other genres of music, to free himself of the confinement of what it is to be hip hop. So in the basement of his home in NE ,DC hae sat and composed 8 songs and recorded them. Using a borrowed bass, guitar and a Fantom X6 "all hail"" was born. kokayi then began the search for the best band to relay these ideas to the masses. Having know Ez and Jon from previous bands and being secure in their musicianship it was an easy decision to ask them to participate in fleshing out a new sound and a new entity. M was found on myspace. Her hard hitting grooves and daring to battle meter and melody attracted the rest of the band to her. After one rehearsal the bnonds were solid. The Caesarz played the 2008 Afropunk festival in Brooklyn NY at the request of Matthew Morgan co founder and producer of the Festival. They are currently rerehearsing to rerecord "all hail v3.0" and readying themselves for tour.


all hail

Set List

the contents of all hail,
ususally 1 hour in duration.