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The Cafe Ole

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Band Jazz Latin




"A Refreshing New Sound..."

“A refreshing new sound in Canada…..Music that will hook flamenco, Latin & jazz lovers alike”

“Beautiful rhythms combined with Palli’s soulful voice” - Amanda Martinez - JazzFM (Toronto)

"Fresh Sound in Toronto"

"The Cafe Ole is an exciting new Canadian band that blends jazz and
Flamenco music in a unique way. They are definitely bringing a
fresh sound to Toronto's music scene with their beautiful
compositions and wonderful musicianship." - Mike Murley

"Featured Artist: The Café Olé"

The Café Olé blends jazz elements with a unique twist of Spanish flamenco music. Based in Toronto, Canada, The Café Olé’s debut CD Cuanto Tardaré is the result of a grant from the Ontario Arts Council, and has gained award-winning recognition in songwriting and Latin-Jazz categories. See their great website for upcoming events.

Cuanto Tardaré is a brilliant display of The Café Olé’s blend of soul, rhythm, and interplay. Bassist Dustin Shaskin, whose compositions dominate the CD, is joined by percussionist Diego Las Heras, pianist Scott Metcalfe, and vocalist Celia Palli to form the core of The Café Olé. The addition of Mike Murley on saxophone, flamenco guitarist Benjamin Barrile, and drummers Max Senitt and Mark Kelso complete the larger Flamenco-Jazz Band on Cuanto Tardaré. Diego Las Heras contributed the gorgeous title track, and Celia Palli’s lyrics are hauntingly beautiful, imaginative, and sung with angelic grace. Shaskin’s Mujer de Ojos Color Triste explores the distress and grief of lonely love, while Café Olé and Penta explode with rhythmic Latin-Jazz excitement. Powered by a rhythm section with great time and feel, stellar soloing abounds throughout the CD, particularly by Metcalfe and Murley.

The originality of The Café Olé’s compositions create a refreshing sound embracing the traditions that led the group to the inviting thrill of their CD Cuanto Tardaré. Like the city of Toronto, The Café Olé offers a diverse concoction of beauty and energy interwoven with heart wrenching lyrics and the often underutilized richness of flamenco music. - Jim Shulstad -

"The Cafe Ole - Flamenco Jazz Band"

"Cafe Ole's organic mix of Spanish, Latin American, and jazz elements makes for fresh and compelling listening. It is only through blending with music from other world cultures that jazz can continue to evolve and remain relevant. Apart from Chick Corea and Al DiMeola, few jazz artists have mined the rich arena of Spanish flamenco music. In attempting to fill this gap, Palli and Shaskin have concocted a sensuously inviting musical world that is well worth a visit." - Dave Restivo - Dave Restivo

"CD Review"

The Cafe Ole make their home in Toronto, Canada. And like that cities reputation as an international melting pot, so is their own musical blend. Rooted in the rhythms of Flamenco (By making use of the cajón, played by cajónador, Diego Las Heras and Spanish vocalist, Celia Palli) they also successfully use the artistry of North American Jazz. Pianist Scott Metcalfe and String Bassist Dustin Shaskin create the rest of the music with their telepathic interplay. Their repertoire consists of original material and selections from artists such as Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock and Charlie Haden. The Jazz aspect is not only reflected in the song selections but also in the improvisational feel to their own compositions.

Their playful sound is in full stride on "Bemsha Swing" which goes from a minor-key Latin chord progression into a traditional American Swing and also features Celia Palli scatting as well as an open-ended jam. Overall the bands sound is intimate and soothing. Celia's melodies and phrasing invite you to listen closely and follow along especially coming on the heels of smooth, exploratory jam by the band.

- P.R. Brimstone - - World Rhythm - webzine

"Combinando la belleza del flamenco con la pasion del Jazz, The Café Olé es una de las nuevas bandas en Toronto"

<English Translation Below>

Combinando la belleza del flamenco con la pasión del Jazz, The Café Ole es una de las nuevas bandas en Toronto tratando de atraer el público Canadiense.
Formado en el 2005 por estudiantes de música en Humber College, The Café Ole trae una mezcla de ritmos internacionales y para Dustin Shaskin, bajista y co-fundador del grupo, el sonido es algo mas que solo Jazz y solo Flamenco.

“Yo diría que somos definitivamente una banda de Jazz con influencias del Flamenco,” dice Dustin. “Somos una combinación de ritmos modernos con un sentido tradicional. Nuestra instrumentación ayuda con el sonido de flamenco. Usamos el cajón que es un instrumento usado en el flamenco y detrás de eso tenemos un cuarteto de Jazz.”

Lo que definitivamente trae un sentido bien flamenco y bien Español es la co-fundadora y voz del grupo, Celia Palli, quien viene desde España y ahora llama Toronto su casa. Celia escribe muchas de las letras de las canciones y para ella, la inspiración viene de diferentes partes de la vida cotidiana.

“Nos inspiramos de la vida y de las cosas que nos pasan,” dice Celia. “La banda lleva dos años juntos y muchas cosas nos han pasado. Entonces, yo trato de escribir de lo que nos esta pasando no solo en mi vida pero en las vidas de los demás en la banda.”

La música de The Café Ole esta perfecta para un día de relajo, con una taza de café y un libro o también para una noche romántica con alguien especial. Contando con la experiencia de músico y productor Chileno Diego Las Heras y pianista Canadiense Scott Metcalfe el sonido de la banda trae esa misma intensidad del flamenco pero también tiene un sentido dulce y suave.

“El verdadero sonido del flamenco es mas duro que lo que se escucha en The Café Ole,” dice Celia. “Por mi parte, estoy tratando de combinar mis raíces Españolas con todo lo que he aprendido en aquí en Canadá. Con mi estilo pueden ver que es mas duro de lo que se espera pero en términos de lo que se escucha en la banda tenemos melodías de flamenco con arreglos del jazz.”

Ahora el grupo esta promocionando su nuevo disco ‘Cuanto Tardare’ y recién el grupo se ha gano el premio de mejor grupo de Jazz en los premios Toronto Independent Music Awards. Para Dustin, todo este éxito es porque el grupo trae algo nuevo para el público Canadiense.

“Estamos tratando de hacer las cosas como cualquier otra banda,” cuenta Dustin. “Queremos expresarnos de cualquier manera posible y tratando de comunicar las emociones que estén pasando por nuestras vidas. Yo creo que el flamenco en Canadá es una forma de arte que sigue como indescubierto y lo que nosotros podemos hacer es crear un poco de interés en el flamenco y también llamar la atención del publico del Jazz.”

Por más información y para comprar una copia del nuevo álbum ‘Cuanto Tardare’, visite a:


Combining the beauty of the flamenco with the passion of the Jazz, The Café Olé is one of the new bands in Toronto trying to attract the Canadian public. It formed in 2005 by students of music in Humber College, The Café Olé brings a mixture of international rhythms and for Dustin Shaskin, downward and co-founder of the group, the sound is something but that alone Jazz and alone Flamenco.

"I would say that we are a jazz band with flamenco," says Dustin. "We are a combination of modern rhythms with a traditional sense. Our orchestration aid with the sound of flamenco. We use the cajon that is an instrument used in the flamenco and behind that we have a quartet of Jazz."

What finally brings a flamenco sense and well Spaniard is the co-founder and voice of the group, Celia Palli, who comes from Spain and now calls Toronto home. Celia writes many of the lyrics of the songs and for her, the inspiration comes from different parts of the everyday life.

"We inspire us of the life and of the things that pass us," says Celia. "The band has been two years and many things they have happened to us. Then, I try to write of what us this passing not alone in my life but in the lives of the others in the band."

The music of The Café Olé is perfect for a day to relax, with a cup of coffee and a book or also for a romantic night with someone special. Including the experience of musician and Chilean producer Diego las Heras and Canadian pianist Scott Metcalfe the sound of the band brings that same intensity of the flamenco but has also a smooth and sweet sense.

"The true sound of flamenco is a bit rougher than how I sing in The Café Olé," says Celia. "By my part, I am trying to combine my Spanish roots with everything that I have learned in here in Canada. With my style they can see that I am rougher than a jazz voice but softer than a pure flamenco voice. We have melodies of flamenco with jazz arrangements."

Now the group this promoting its new disk “Cuanto Tardaré” and recently the group has I win itself the prize of “Best Latin-jazz Album” in the Toronto Exclusive Music Awards. For Dustin, all this success is because the group brings somewhat new for the Canadian public.

"We are trying to do the things as any another band," account Dustin. "We want to express ourselves as much as possible and trying to communicate the emotions that are passing for our lives. I believe that the flamenco in Canada is a form of art that is largely undiscovered and what we want is to create some interest in flamenco and also to call the attention of the jazz community."

For more information and to buy a copy of the new album “Cuanto Tardaré”, please visit:


- Debut album "Cuanto Tardaré" was released Sept 26, 2007 (partially funded by Ontario Arts Council)
- Album is receiving national airplay from CBC Radio, JazzFM91.1, college radio stations in Canada, and international radio stations.



The unique concept behind The Café Olé is to join the exotic and passionate music of flamenco with jazz. This highly entertaining and dynamic band is led by award-winning bassist/composer Dustin Shaskin. Shaskin was featured in the 2010 Toronto International Flamenco Festival and recently earned a Master's Degree in composition from York University. He is the recent recipient of a $1200+ grant from the Contemporary Flamenco Guitar Studio as well as the Chalmers Professional Development Grant to study flamenco in Sevilla, Spain. His compositional style is fun, classy, and accessible and embraces the traditions of jazz and modern flamenco.

The Café Olé has been performing in music festivals across Ontario since 2007. The band frequently plays Toronto venues such as Hugh's Room, Lula Lounge, Trane Studio, and Gate 403. They have played on stage with Juno Award winning artists such as Mike Murley, Kirk MacDonald, Mark Kelso, and Dave Restivo.

The Café Ole's debut album was partially funded by the Ontario Arts Council and was produced by Juno Award winning producer Roberto Occhipinti. The album was nominated for Toronto Independent Music Awards as well the Ontario Independent Music Awards.