The Calamity

The Calamity

 Ventura, California, USA

Power Pop/Piano Rock.

For fans of: Counting Crows, Ben Folds, Old 97’s, Maroon 5, Something Corporate



the Calamity is:
Owen Bucey — lead vocals, keys
Kai Dodson — lead/rhythm guitars, vocals
Baltazar Cano — bass
Aaron Goldberg — drums, percussion
Phil Tibbs -- lead/rhythm guitars

the Calamity is an American piano/pop/alternative/country band that was formed in Ventura, CA in 2005 by members of the power pop group Army Of Freshmen (AOF) including: Aaron Goldberg (drums, percussion), Kai Dodson (lead/rhythm guitar, vocals) and Owen Bucey (lead vocals, keys). The origin of the band goes back to an intoxicated night in Cape May, NJ in the practice room of Mr. J's Music Shop while on tour with AOF in the summer of 2004.

Baltazar Cano (bass) joined the project in late fall 2008.

Phil Tibbs (lead/rhythm guitars) joined the project in late 2010.

Various demos and recordings took place between fall 2005 and spring 2008. Notably, a session with Jay Ruston from TRS West studios in Studio City, CA with the result of 2 tracks (One Of These Days/Waiting For July) off the upcoming debut release, “Songs From The Gold Coast.”

The debut album, “Songs From The Gold Coast,” out on Missing Words Records July 28th, 2009, was written by the Calamity and produced by the Calamity, Jay Ruston and Paul Miner. It was recorded in two sessions. Spring of 2006 with Ruston @ TRS West studios in Studio City, CA; and winter of 2008 with Miner @ Buzzbomb Sound Labs in Orange, CA. All photography for “Songs From The Gold Coast” was done by Baltazar Cano. Layout and design courtesy Matt Martin (

Track listing is as follows:

1 Waiting For July
2 Yesterday's Tragedy
3 Whiskey Sour
4 Wrapped Up (In The Melody)
5 Asphalt
6 Walk Down
7 Island
8 Diane
9 One Of These Days
10 .45
11 Take Some Time

Songs From The Gold Coast is a collection of melodic piano pop songs with a dash of country flare and a touch of bitterness.

Dry 7" recorded in Ventura in late 2010.

For fans of: Counting Crows, Ben Folds, Old 97’s, Maroon 5, Something Corporate


Dry - 7" Vinyl
Released 2011

Side A: Dry
Side B: We Descend

Hand-numbered limited edition of 300, the first 100 pressed on blue vinyl and 200 on marble vinyl. Includes digital download.

Songs from the Gold Coast - CD

Released 2009

1. Waiting for July
2. Yesterday's Tragedy
3. Whiskey Sour
4. Wrapped Up (in the Melody)
5. Asphalt
6. Walk Down
7. Island
8. Diane
9. One of these Days
10. 45
11. Take Some Time