The Calamity Janes

The Calamity Janes



A total Calamity!

The Calamity Janes are a "super group" taking Vermont by storm. If you know anything about Calamity Jane (a hard-drinking woman, wore men's clothing, used bawdy language, chewed tobacco, was handy with a gun), you will certainly enjoy the personality and essence of this fun and upbeat group!


Abby (Red Tack) Jenne is like a Sweet, hard yet smooth, shot of the finest whiskey. With one critically acclaimed album under her belt and a large following, Abby knows how to captivate an audience with humor and candor. Abby’s voice is an engaging, rhythmic, powerful, pitch perfect experience. She brings a blend of rock and country bending your ear to the sweet and comfortable middle harmonies.

Erin (Madame) McDermott has been writing and performing her songs for over six years, opening for the the likes of Grammy award winner Tim O’Brien, Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, Russ Barenberg and Railroad Earth. Erin’s relaxed, low key stage presence makes her new friends every night. With a voice that has been compared to Alison Krauss, Dolly Parton and Janis Joplin, Erin’s vibrato and delicate, but strong texture takes the high harmonic road.

Jen (Razor Nubs) Wells is the glue that keeps this band together. Classically trained from age 10 and well-versed in jazz, funk, rock, blues and bluegrass, Jen really knows the intricacies of music. With tasteful bass lines and sheer knowledge, Jen communicates a perfect rhythm that steals the show.

Doug (Dawg) Perkins brings a wealth of experience and talent to the group. Doug is best known for his work with Smokin' Grass and for his duet performances with mandolinist Jamie Masefield. With his stylistically precise leads and intricate melodies, Doug and his mandolin provide an essential rhythmic and harmonic layer to the Calamity Janes.


Currently Recording 1st album

Set List

Set lists usually consist of 3 set depending on the venue

70% of repertoire are originals

Hard luck story (Whiskeytown)
Hillbilly Highway ( Steve Earl)
Jolene (Dolly Parton)
Old John (Neko Case)
Hold Hold (Neko Case)
Rock salt and nails (Utah Phillips)