The Calbakes

The Calbakes


"They're like a mix of the Replacements (only with more beer), Supersuckers, (only w/out Satan on their side), The Stoogies, (minus the herion), and The Clash (minus the mohawk)....Ted James owner of Deep Eddy Records.


The Calbakes have been around for more than a decade playing Rock/Punk music all around Texas. Each person in the band brings influences that define the Calbake sound. From punk, blues, eighties crap rock, seventies hero guitar worship, to classic country.
Bands that have influenced The Calbakes include: The Clash, The Replacements, Supersuckers, Led Zepplin, Social D, Descendents, and on and on of D.I.Y. bands that cut the path for the rock/punk sound.
The Calbakes will bring full guns ablazin', good times, and in the end, a full bombastic rock show!!

The Calbakes have played:
- SXSW in 1997, 2004, 2005, & 2006. (all unsolicited)
- The Gulf Coast Shrimp Blast - 1997
- Memorial Day Weekend Jam - 2005
- KSYM Radio Live Show - 2005
- KTRU Radio Live Show - 2005
- The Real Texas Edge Vol. 3 cd Release Party - 2005
- Texas Independent Musicians Showcase - Austin 2006
- Texas Independent Musicians Showcase - San Antonio 2006


"The Damage has been Done" - Being mixed now. Release date set for March 2007. OTTO RECORDS
"The Real Texas Edge Vol. 3" - 2005, The Edge Magazine
"Lonestar Licks" - 2003 OTTO RECORDS
"L'Austin Tx Space" Triggerfish Records Comp. 1997
"Chicken Ranch Round Up" - Chicken Ranch Records 1997
"No Approval Needed vol. 2" - Broken Note Records 1997
"Stumblin' Out of the Garage" 1996 4- Song EP OTTO RECORDS

Set List

The set list consists of about 12-15 songs. All original except "Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound" by Hank Williams Jr., and "Brand New Cadillac" inspired by the Clash. A couple song titles are: Joe Strummer, State of Mind, Haze, Tommy Doesn't Drink.....