The Caleb Riley Funk Orchestra

The Caleb Riley Funk Orchestra



The Caleb Riley Funk Orchestra
Fort Collins, CO—The eclectic mix of musical education behind the Caleb Riley Funk Orchestra is simply astounding. The band’s six members have spent lifetimes learning and perfecting their crafts—all the while dedicated to the goal of creating a unique and powerful sound.

“We apply jazz form and theory to every style of music imaginable,” says Caleb Riley, “from funk to Latin to rock to metal.” Riley, the classically trained front man and bassist for CRFO, started building on his understanding of music theory at a young age, hopping from viola to guitar to bass—the instrument that would capture his heart and catapult his career. But to satisfy Riley’s love for jazz, funk, Latin and soul, he needed more musicians to play the songs he was composing around his heavy, groove-oriented bass lines.

The first step in assembling Riley’s concerto was the addition of Craig Lodis on guitar, a classical musician trained under Fareed Haque of Garaj Mahal. Next came the horn section, with Greta Cornett on trumpet, Dave Clapsaddle on saxophone and Chris Nichlos on slide trombone, all members of local superstar band 12 Cents for Marvin who have shared stages with the likes of The Skatalites, Ozomatli, Buckethead and Fishbone. The last piece of the puzzle was Eunice, Louisiana drummer Dave Nezat, whose Cajun-inspired beats became the heartbeat of the unstoppable dance machine that is CRFO.

This gumbo of experience and influence informs the musical arrangements written by Riley, whose ambitious energy seeps into his composing, playing and singing. “We want to cross genres, but also redefine them,” he says, revealing the heart of a musician always challenging himself to break new, uncharted ground. The success of this recipe is evident on the band’s first album, Fat Lip, which could make a dead man dance with its outrageous energy and soul.

Amongst all this genre jumping and cross-pollinating, one thing remains constant in the Caleb Riley Funk Orchestra—the unmistakable, dance-friendly groove. From the mouth of the composer himself—“In this band, the groove drops HARD.”

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Fat Lip

Set List

Enough music for 160 minutes