Totowa, New Jersey, USA

Funny, talented, creative, improvision, original,


We are TheCalenders, out band includes -
-Anthony L - Vocals
-Courtney M - guitar/background vocals
-Jacob M - Guitar/ Background Vocals
Our band is very interesting, we all have favorite genres, all different. Courtney loves Tegan and Sara, whereas Anthony likes Muse, then Jacob loves playing jazz. W
We love to play around with different sounds, then mash them into one, and make it sound incredible.
It is also funny, because Anthony is majoring in Criminal Justice, then Courtney originally planned to major in Nursing, then recently changed her Major to Music Recording.
Courtney and Anthony went to school together in high school. They never talked really. Then they spoke on facebook, and eventually was like "Hey, lets start a band...". Jacob was a "friend-of-a-friend".


We currently, we do not have anything recorded. We are working on an EP though!