The California Celts

The California Celts

 Yucca Valley, California, USA

Celtic Ska or just Pirate Island Music.


The West Coast's premier Celtic Ska review. Formed in the Hills of Yucca Valley by Scotts-Irish decedents and their Mexican American pals in the year 2006.


The Celtic Sound

Written By: Christopher Michael Armitage Poland Jan. 2010

This are the Celtic sound, the Celtic sound. We are the California Celts we come fe mash up the town.
This are the Celtic sound, the Celtic sound. Number one rated with a golden crown.
This are the Celtic sound, the Celtic sound. With all of me heart Caledonia bound.
This are the Celtic sound, the Celtic sound. Hear the Highland pipes play the whole a world around.

Take a little rhythm from the West Indies. Ad Scotch bonnet for to bring them to their knees.
Mixed with the culture from the Outer Hebrides. It Belong together like honey and bees.

Scotland, Whales, Galacia, and beyond. Brittany, Cornwall, the Isle of man.
The Emerald Isle with all of its charm from the old world to the new to the Appellation.

From Highland California to the Scottish shore, We a long for Scotia culture and lore.
Twice weekly mash up the dance floor. We a Celtic rockers leave‘em begging form more.

We got style and fashion... to the hilt. Just ask the lassies at the Tilted Kilt,
Palm Desert, We music expert. From the street to the stage. Earn maximum wage.

Hands off my thistle and shamrock. Check the competition whole of dem just fell off.
You see we’ve got Black Magic and witchcraft. Plus a music education start with Bach.

Ya see me in the purple heather. In stormy Scottish weather.
My bonnie lass like it better when I’m wearing me fisherman sweater.

We don’t really sweat em. music me weapon. Aprendi el Espanol en Tucson.An old world lost and a new one found. From the streets to the stage nightly lay it down.

Dollars to Euros to Pesos to a Pound. Nuff people we impress and certain critic we astound.
Dem a see we a come and them a beg off the hound. This are the California Celts sound.

We Are the California Celts

Written By: Christopher Michael Armitage Poland 2009

When we first started out it was tough on the lads. We all slept on the floor under an overpass.
We had a beat up old van with no registration but that didn’t stop us from touring up the land.
Then one fateful day we met Greg MacElroy. He was a Dublin skin at Johnny Fox’ he was employed.
The year was 2002 the band was Sally’s Gap we weren’t his firs band mates certainly not the last.

Now we play the Auld Dubliner as the house band. We are Celtic rockers not another Irish band.
We have a following of pirates and of Dodgers fan. We bring the culture to Long Beach. You can find us on Pine Ave.
Six years later now we are a franchise. We are the California dreamers with stars in our eyes.
We sending props to the pubs that gave us the luv. You’ve got the Field, Gallagher’s and Liam’s Irish Pub.

So bring out you pa, better yet your sister and you ma. This is more than a ceili, it’s a grand Celtic Ball.
See the nimble footed dancers. Hear the bagpipes and drums. This is no place for violence and his is no place for guns. If you must bring a sword, it best be for dancing. See couples on the dance floor others off romancing.
The California Celts, Were bringing nothing but love. We stream consciousness with mana from above. We are the ...

William of the Hills (Don’t Call Him Hillbilly)

Written By: Christopher Michael Armitage Poland 1/1/12

On a moon lite stump on a mountain top sat a man named William Bibb.
And It was his plight to stay up all night to protect his livelyhood.
He had three sons with their shot guns, Freddie, Bobby and Jack.
With their keen eye and their buckshot they’d watch their pappy’s back.

With nerves of steal he’ll protect his still. He doesn’t stay from fighting.
Call it Mountain Dew or Tennessee hootch, but he calls it white lighting.
You may call him Will or Mountain Bill and he responds to Willy.
To the locals William of the Hills. All the rest just say Hillbilly.

Now Johnny Law with his long arm, now he began a snooping.
He made his way up through the woods to see what Willie’s brewing.
Down from the hills comes sons of Will. They put a fright on Captain.
By the time the moon was in the sky, the four of them was laughing.

Till his dying day he would never stray for a live of his designing.
Well his three sons they moved along but Willy kept moonshining.
California sun did not end their fun. His sons found other thrills.
Every now and then they think of kin and William of the Hills.

Ghost Ship

Written By: Christopher Michael Armitage Poland, 8/10/11

In the year of our Lord Seventeen twenty one,
twas then that the ghost ship did appeared.
With her main sail slashed she was pitching for and aft.
The sight alone filled a sailing man with fear.

We had sailed seven days out of Montego Bay
when we saw her silhouette before the moon.
The call to battle stations given and we took up full pursuit.
There and then we knew we'd be boarding her soon.

Heave hoe men boys keep her back to the wind.
Disobey and feel the lashes of the whip.
Feel the briny ocean spray. Get down on your knees and pray.
Not a single living soul on the ghost ship.

After hours of pursuit we came along side our quarry.
Not a soul was on her deck so we prepared for boarding.
No colors she did fly. No name it was inscribed.
All that could be heard is the playing of her organ.

The main deck was clear So we went down below.
We found the captain's table set for ten.
The organ played a wicked song despite her crew being all gone.
A terrible chill filled the soul of all our men.

Before recovering her booty the ship began to shake and yaw.
Our captain gave the order to return back to our barc.
Just as we cut the mooring lines the ghost ship rounded out in time.
Sailing out from where she came in from the dark.


California Celts (self titled) Invisible Mass Records 2011
Take Me Away - California Celts Invisible Mass Records 2012.

Set List

Bagpipe intro, Cali
Celtic Sound, My Bonnie
Land of Milk & Honey
Mariner Mike, Anchors Away
Half Way to Patty’s Day
Love is Stronger than Pride
Pretty & Nice
Wild Mountain Thyme
Take Me Away, Pirate’s Life
Pull Me Over, Tell Me Ma
Raise My Glass
Slow Down Sister, Monkey Bone
Bow Down, Theme Song
Keep on Doing 96
Friggin’ in the Rigging
Too Short, Girl U Hot
Ship Sail...Hills of Yucca Valley
Bagpipe intro 2
Tap Nasty Medley
Sail Away, Gilligan’s Celts
Work Station
Fields of Athenry, Health to the Co
Burden of Ancestry, William Bloat
Spanish Calypso, Murshin Durkin
Coming From Country, Danny Boy
Coming Home G bridge is Cooley’s
We Love Dem Ladies
Nancy Whiskey, Superfaded
Diamonds in the Rough
Ghost Ship, Arthur McBride,
Santi Anno, She Said, 96
Whiskey in the Jar
Digging Your Own Grave
Whiskey...Devil, La Gente Desente
St. Anne’s Reel
Peace, Love, Good Tidings
Rare Auld Mountain Dew
We are the California Celts

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